Whether you’re walking under the limelight on the red carpet or watching a film in the dark theatre, when at a glamorous international film festival like those at this month’s TIFF, you want to stay polished from the cinema on to premiere party. Below, the beauty essentials to help see you through it.

Dilemma: Oily Slicks

Resolution: To prolong the inevitable, and remedy the appearance of melting makeup and shiny skin, we recommend packing bareMinerals Invisible Powder for touch-ups. Along with a glistening face, tresses can get weighed down by product, and begin looking greasy by your third party hop. Arrive prepared with a travel size bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo in purse — one of the few products of its kind brunettes can use without having to worry about a powdered Marie Antoinette mane.

Dilemma: Fade-Away Lipstick

Resolution: To achieve your perfectly painted pout, you must apply and repeat throughout the night. No matter how long lasting your lipstick claims to be, it’s always best to tuck it in your purse just in case. For us, there’s nothing like a classic red to complement a formal look. The bold will find thrill in the moody vibrancy of Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge, while those who prefer a feminine gloss can’t go wrong with Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge RD 607. And remember, with those come-hither ruby lips drawing people closer, your breath is not something to neglect. Leave the gum at home (chomping on the red carpet ain’t so graceful) and grab  Listerine’s PocketPak Breath Strips for a discreet method of keeping breath fresh.

Dilemma: So-So Scent

Resolution: Sitting in the theater or walking in tight crowds to get to and fro festival hot spots, means you’re up-close and personal with everyone. Smelling as beautiful as you look in this case is a necessity. Turn heads with the scent of Calvin Klein’s Shock, now available in a slim travel size version that slips easily into any clutch. There’s also the subtle, sexy fragrance of LUSH’s Lust solid perfume, or the sweet aroma of L’Occitane’s roll-on Peony scent.

Dilemma: Grandma Hands

Resolution: In the festival scene, introductions and small talk are unavoidable. First impressions begin with a handshake so keep palms moisturized. We like Julique’s Love Balm, the perfect accessory to highlight your manicure. The best part about this balm is there’s no residual grease to worry about getting on your dress, while having just enough to help tame fly-aways in a jam.

Dilemma: Tense Head & Toes

Resolution: After a long day of watching films and toasting premieres, you may experience a build up of tension in your body that is strong enough to make focusing on the film before you a feat. We suggest carrying Aveda’s Stress-Fix, a portable vial of aromatherapy created to soothe nerves. Once relieved of tension headaches, take a moment to cure tired toes of the blisters from confining stilettos. Bring along Dr. Scholl’s BlisterDefense Anti-Friction stick, to apply to areas that may be suffering from chafing. Festival nights are long, and this may be your best defence against sore feet, aside from stuffing a pair of foldable flats into your purse.

Dilemma: Wilting Lashes

Resolution: A flirty flicker of lashes is a red carpet beauty must. Benefit’s mascara “they’re Real!” is small enough a tube to keep in your clutch for a quick lash perk up. Unfortunately, with eyelash batting comes wear-and-tear on your eyeliner. Lancôme’s Artliner is a long-lasting solution to after-hour parties. With no need for brushes or sharpeners, it’s easy to pack in your purse for touch-ups.