Tell me about how you ended up here and what attracted you to the space.

I was living in downtown LA and looking for a place in Silverlake a couple of years ago. A friend of mine told me about an amazing 1920s two-bedroom guest house/bungalow. Eight months later, it came up on the market.

Do you consider it ‘finished’?

It’s never “finished,” because I just keep adding more “stuff” in it like art, clothes, etc.

How do you approach interior design?

I think that it’s important to utilize the space that you have to your advantage and not make it something that it’s not. I love the movie Wall Street, but making my house look like Gordon Gekko’s wouldn’t be so awesome – or would it?!

Do you have a ‘design aesthetic and how would you describe it?

“Mid-Century” is obviously really in right now, but if I were to describe my current mood, it would just be plain old comfy. I want a place that I can come back to after a long day around fashion and film, crash out and just relax.

What’s your favorite element of the space or your most prized possession?

My house resembles a beach bungalow, and I grew up around the beach, so I guess that I’m a fan of the just the feeling that it gives off. I have quite a bit of art in my house, too. A lot of Creative Growth artwork from Nick Pagan. He made me a papier-mâché air guitar that has a blinking light on it for a show that we did together, where he “channeled” the music of my band Barnacle. It was awesome.

Would you say there’s a difference between your home vs. the way you approach fashion?

With some designers, especially ones that come from an architectural or industrial design background, their aesthetics are very apparent in their office or home. For me, it’s more of a Southern California comfort; skateboard deck holding up my scanner, surfboards in the corner, etc.

Do you have a favourite furniture designer/collection/brand?

Usually everything that I get is from a garage sale or thrift shopping.

Why would you say we’re obsessed with interiors in the fashion community as mainstream spotlight for bloggers and magazines?

When you’re a fan of someone’s work – whether it’s fashion, film, art – you’re fan of their tastes, who they are, what kind of music they listen to, and what makes them tick. It’s just human nature. Fashion is entertainment, it’s body armor and it says a lot about who you are. If you’re buying a piece from Rick Owens, you pretty much know what kind of furniture he is going to design. It’s an extra limb to a tree, but just a different medium. The same is for fashion and film. Tom Ford conceived A Single Man, and again, it was just an extension of Tom.

Do you consider this ‘trend’ a trend or a fad?

Trendy fashion and interiors will always go out of style, but that too is just the point. The consumer gains enjoyment out of revamping their personal space and making it fresh! And look – Steve Jobs’ house was once rumored to only contain a bed: Simple, clean, and a great PR story!

“Home is…”

…another form of a nest.

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