If you’ve ever found yourself watching an episode of Gossip Girl, closing your eyes and hoping when you open them you will be standing in the middle of a walk-in closet filled with beautiful clothing and shoes, well, you’re not alone. There are a little over 2 million viewers who likely feel the same way.

When the show premiered back in 2007, the rich-kids-gone-wild drama used its hallway as a runway. With plaid skirts and headbands trending, teenagers and young women were tuning in not only for the plots, but for the fashion. Now nearing the end of its 5th season, the show’s upper Eastside princesses are all grownup and upped the style ante.

dress, LUBLU at Monobrand boutique :: necklace, k2o by Karen Ko :: bracelets, k2o by Karen Ko

Newest Gossip Girl cast memeber, Kaylee DeFer, who plays Charlie Rhodes or, if you’ve been following, Ivy Dickens, in the hit show, is one character who’s fashion has never stopped evolving since her series debut. Her character transforms from frumpy to glamorous, as she settles in to a life of servants and black cars, a plot line that has been nothing but fun for DeFer, as she shares in our interview.

With our mind fixed on fashion, we pick the brain of the stylish Miss Defer, who dishes on the fashion of her trendsetting show and her own personal wardrobe preferences.


When I think of Gossip Girl I think immediately of love and drama, but fashion also instantly pops into my head. What’s it like being dressed head-to-toe in trendsetting designer garments each day on set?

It’s just a blast! What girl doesn’t like to get dressed up? It’s something we all did when we were younger, it’s a blessing to be able to do it as an adult. Its fun and exciting….I’m not going to lie and tell you I don’t enjoy it!

Each character on the show has a signature look; a style that very much speaks to their individual personalities. What does Charlie/Ivy’s style say about her character?

She came from nothing, she’s not a wealthy person, and she’s trying to fit into that world so I think her style is maybe a little confused. She’s definitely trying to just keep up. She doesn’t really know a lot about fashion, and she just kind of emulates what she sees from Serena, so I think she’s just trying to be like Serena.

Your character always looks very angelic, even when not acting like one.

They tend to put me more in pastels and lighter colours, and I think that establishes her innocence. Now that my character has come out as Ivy Dickens, they’re starting to throw me into some more colorful pieces and black…finally! She’s just starting to become aware of fashion. I’m excited to see what kind of style they develop for her.

Top: dress, Johnny Was at The Grove :: jacket, stylist’s own :: shoes, Kelsi Dagger :: necklace, k2o by Karen Ko Bottom (Left to Right): Mara – unitard, ASOS :: Harness accessory, k2o by Karen Ko David – shirt, Ninh Nguyen :: jacket, Ninh Nguyen :: pants, DC :: shoes, Kelsi Dagger: : sling accessory, k2o by Karen Ko

Do you have any input on the outfits your character wears?

Sometimes if we find we like something, we’ll tell Eric [Daman, the costume designer], and  he’ll try to pull from that designer for the next week. Other than that, they pretty much have their favorites and I have mine, and we try to collaborate.

How different or similar is your own personal style to your character’s?

I don’t think my style is anything similar to my character’s. I think that my style is a little more carefree. I like to have fun with fashion; I like to be a little daring. As long as your comfortable, and you feel good, and you’re having fun with it, then you make a statement.

What’s the most memorable outfit you have worn on the show? One you’ve wanted to sneak back home with you.

I wore a really beautiful Badgley Mischka dress, it was beautiful! It was a rose lavender kind of colored dress with beading on it, and it was just beautiful. It fit perfectly, and it would look good on anyone’s body shape. It was just stunning!

The AW12 collection the label showed at this past New York Fashion Week was also stunning! Did you make it to any shows last month?

I did. I saw my friends Erin Fetherston and Chris Benz’s show, they had some really fun pieces. I also went to Jenny Packham and Zero + Maria. [With] Zero + Maria show, I wear them personally in my day-to-day life. They had some amazing shearling coats — stunning cobalt blues. I like their cuts, very asymmetrical and simple, you can dress them up with anything, and you can dress them down. Jenny Packam was a really great show. There were some beautiful pieces, some 1940s inspired pieces that were just stunning. Same with Chris Benz, he’s always a lot of fun. His stuff is very wild, theres a lot of detail. This is one of his best collections yet.

Your definitely not lacking in runway knowledge! How about this season’s trends, any your particularly loving right now?

I love the red high-waisted leather belts! I saw a lot of that going on over dresses and sort of breaking up pieces. Theres a lot of multi-coloured colour blocking.

How about a trend you’re not so into, any come to mind?

I’m not really a big fan of beading. There was a lot of beading going around. I think it’s a lot of upkeep.

Very impractical, it’s true. Comfort isn’t something it seems actresses are afforded often though when it comes to wardrobe. Does the pressure to look screen perfect every day ever get to you?

There are moments that I wish I could just be like I was in high school and not really care. I’m not one to thrown on a full makeup face every day before I leave my house and go get a cup of coffee. I like being casual.


Styling – Shanna Nicole and Elissa Amiee, ARTISTS by Timothy Priano
Makeup – Quinn Murphy, ARTISTS by Timothy Priano
Hair – Bradley Iron, ARTISTS by Timothy Priano
Models – David Anderson, RED NYC :: Mara Declair, Muse NYC