FILLER is a long-time fan and friend of New York-based accessories designer, Waris Ahluwalia, and his trendsetting brand House of Waris. You will know him from either his cameo appearances in almost every Wes Anderson film of late; his dapper personal style, which has been featured on most influential fashion blogs and magazines style pages; or, of course his impeccable designs, a favourite amongst Hollywood’s elite.

He may not have a million followers on Facebook, but Ahluwalia is GAB+AB‘s favorite example of a savvy and creative business man, in it for the long haul. In a world where people want it all (and right this millisecond no less), House of Waris is busy building a legendary brand with pop prowess (see the video above), one that ignores fast fashion, while managing to stay ahead of both fashion and culture trends. One need only see his latest Spring/Summer collection of jewellery and scarves for proof of the label’s timeless elegance. We personally love the spiked shaped of select pieces from the new collection, a demure solution to this season’s punk trend.

Below, Ahluwalia joins us for a quick chat about his views on the industry and how he finds balance in his career.


As a designer, actor and New York City influencer, how do you make the most of Fashion Week in New York each year? We all have difficulty balancing shows, presentations, and parties, but you especially must have a tough time exacting the perfect combo between what feels like duty and what appeals more to your personal interest.

As with everything, I try to keep things simple. That means I support friends. They are a big part of my life and they always come first. It is amazing to see your peers and mentors develop and grow. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by such talent. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the eye of a storm.

On the topic of Fashion Week, how do you keep the bi-annual event fresh, in terms of your own experiences? Other than obviously viewing all the new collections…

Well, the work is a big thing of course. Without that it would be senseless partying — and who wants that? There’s always new ideas, new collaborations and new friends to be made.

We know your a staple on the New York scene come Fashion Week, did you often make it over to London, Milan, or Paris as well?

Honestly New York is enough for me. We do all our sales from here. I’d just feel glutinous if I attended all the festivities.

Very moderate of you! Name 5 shows in New York that top your must-see-list each season?

Some of the shows I went to this season: Zero by Maria Cornejo (knocks me off my feet with her prints), Tory Burch (I was in [one of her] campaigns previously, maybe next time I’ll walk), J. Mendel, Bibhu Mohapatra, and the always wonderful Cynthia Rowley.

Nice selections! What was your best-dressed day during this last NYFW?

Well that’s a trick question, as it’s always a tailored suit. I’ll let you decide which was the best.


Published May 14, 2013