For that person who has everything, don’t name another star after them this holiday gifting season. Give them something practical with original gift-giving flare by donating to a campaign personalized to their interests. Not only do they get the satisfaction of being part of its creation, but they’ll likely receive a pretty cool gift for being a contributor to the great artistic process.

Below, we’ve rounded up the campaigns to share your holiday pocket change with in the name of the charity, art and well-rounded uniqueness.


Help a local business hit by Sandy get back on its feet with a donation to this campaign.

The funds will be going to practical things such as a boiler heater, ice maker, stock that was lost in the hurricane. But, for patrons of Sunny’s Bar in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighbourhood or even one time visitors, the pledge shows that this was more than just a place to get food and drinks, it was — as it could be again — a cultural hub beloved by the community. This Kickstarter campaign was started only weeks after the hurricane, when Sunny’s had only regained partial power — that’s determination.

Humbled by the response to their call, and bolstered by the encouragement of their local community, the bar is now ready to go forward and begin the reopening process.

If you’ve ever been to this bar, you will remember what a unique and wonderful place it was to share a drink with friends, and to meet new friends. Help bring back Sunny’s memorable ” Nights of music and art, laughter and kindness,” make a small donation today and help revive a local landmark.

Funding ends December 21, 2012


Spread the love for independent film with a donation to this campaign.

For 16 years, Rooftop Films has screened thousands of new, independently produced films in unusual (and perfect for it) urban spaces all across New York City. The films shown by the non-profit organization are gathered from thousands of submissions by filmmakers looking to reach new audiences outside of the film festival circuit and via these outdoor screenings.

From coordinating travel for feature filmmakers visiting from all areas of the world to sourcing out their exciting venues, the effort behind each of the organization’s unique film experiences is massive and expensive. Gearing up for one of its biggest season yet, Rooftop is calling out to audience fans. With just a $20 pledge, you can help build this rare film experience, and in the process, receive two tickets to redeem at one of this summer’s screenings, a perfect gift for the indie-art lover in your life.

Funding ends December 20, 2012


Keep the ones closest to you safe with a donation to this campaign.

Brought to you by our friends from across the pond, U.K. brand Blaze is a beautifully designed, and safety conscious bike light that has the high aim of dramatically changing the safety levels on streets shared by motorists and cyclists. How? By significantly improving a cyclist’s visibility with the help of a green LED lit hologram of a cyclist.

Designed with the dangers of a bustling urban environment in mind, the Blaze light projects an image of a cyclist,  announcing a riders’s presence in a shout rather than the average bike light’s easy to miss whisper. It’s scope is adjustable, but ideally goes to about 5 metres. It alerts the lions of the road (buses and trucks) of a cyclist’s presence, helping to keep them from veering into their path.

Intent on tackling the cause of cycling fatalities — often due to cyclists being caught in a blind spot with vehicles turning across the unseen bike — this is a year-round cause well-worth giving to this holiday season. Aside from being a big “Rrroooaaarrr” for bike enthusiasts, it’s a smart gift for any who spend their daily commute peddling rather than driving.

Funding ends Dec 23, 2012


Published December 14, 2012