Spring cleaning is never a fun endeavor. What follows, on the other hand—namely the process of replacing all of that which got tossed out with the beginning of the new season—well that little bit of “work,” that indeed counts as fun.

Still, why cast away last spring’s beloved must-haves, when you can simply renew them by pairing and styling pieces according to some of our favourite SS15 trends? Like the saying goes, waste not, want not! And when it comes to fashion, the want-list can be a long one.

Play it smart this season and make the old new again with our guide to transforming last season’s treasures into this spring’s biggest trends.

Trends-Style-Tips-Chloe-Jason-Wu-SS-2015SS14 Oldie: Leather Moto Jacket

If you didn’t have one of these last year, well, you stuck out. Men and women alike were dreaming of playing the part of the rebel; hopping on a hog and riding into the sunset James Dean style. Greaser ensemble–white shirt and jeans–were optional, while brightly coloured leather and fridge flair was on trend.

SS15 Newbie: Feminine Motifs

The list runs long for this one; think hourglass shapes, girly bows, fabrics with ballerina flounce, off-the-shoulder cuts, oversized floral prints and hemlines cascading high above or just below the knees.

The Merge: Soften the biker look, by layering it over a dress likely to give your special someone a sugar rush. Besides, by now we’ve all dealt with the realization that the rebel in us was more of an expression than an actual realization. Still, why not make use of that perfectly fitting jacket; treat it like your favourite pair of jeans: a weekend favourite and a weeknight hit.


SS14 Oldie: Flowered Skirt

Paging Angela Chase. The ‘90s were all about floral skirts that your mom might want to borrow…minus the Dr Martens. And, thanks to the runway, this Generation X staple was back in high demand last spring.

SS15 Newbie: Flower Power

This season, trends are travelling even further back in time, on past the ‘90s to the ‘70s, where oversized floral patterns are paired with suede jackets, preferably of the cropped mini variety and/or with patchwork detailing.

The Merge: Spruce up last year’s spring wardrobe and tinker with the grunge element enough to make it Mary Tyler Moore chic. Reuse the flowered skirt you fell in love with last March, and pair with one of this season’s many chucky open-toe platform heels. Then layer on a jacket in a brown shade with a utilitarian tilt and your retro fit. Just remember…that big hair is optional.

Trends-Style-Tips-Balmain-Dolce-Gabbana-SS-2015SS14 Oldie: Denim on Denim

Designers couldn’t get enough of this look last season. From denim blazers paired with denim skirts to denim jumpsuits, light weight chambray dominated the runway. Any and all variety of “jean” we could get our hands on, we did.

SS15 Newbie: Red Rage

“The” shock of color this season, no other shade says “spring” better than red, covering the calendar months from Valentine’s Day on through to the bloom of May flowers. And this year, designers are as smitten with the colour as cupid himself, translating it into sultry gowns, sampling it in mesh, lace and leather, when not detailing it with embroidery and patterns.

The Merge: Since your closer no doubt houses any number of denim pieces after last year’s trend, why waste a good thing? Enliven your spring colour palette with a pop of colour that will turn heads and increase heart rates, and, which happens to go perfectly with blue. From footwear to clothing, a shock of red works beautifully against soft denim shades adding new dimensions (namely sophistication) to your look, while keeping it cool.

Trends-Style-Tips-Valentino-Issey-Miyake-SS-2015SS14 Oldie: Tribal Silk

Globetrotting was the preferred runway pastime last spring with designers favouring ethnic prints, from Mexico’s Aztec culture to Africa’s traditional tribes. Available in shirt, pant and dress form–not to mention accessories–it’s almost certain you have something with a world print on it in your wardrobe from last year.

SS15 Newbie: Geometric Patterns

Again with the prints, this time though…they’re more measureable with a ruler. Like last spring, every piece of clothing a wardrobe could carry is available in a print, only this time graphic and geometric, with a particular taste for squares and rectangles, often matched with colour blocking.

The Merge: Patterns are hard to make new, unless you add more pattern. It’s the perfect cocktail.  So “update” the prints you’ve grown tired of with a game of mix-and-match, and see how a bold clash of patterns can read “trendsetter.” Simply take an old shirt or dress, tuck it into a new skirt, and suddenly, that old print seems like it’s from the same season as that new skirt of yours.

Trends-Style-Tips-Narcisco-Rodriguez-Altuzarra-SS-2015SS14 Oldie: Pretty in Pink

Last spring, romantic ultra-feminine looks came coloured in a shade of pink, siding often on the soft dusty side of the spectrum. If you are adamant about stocking up on the season’s trends, then without a doubt you have a pink dress packed away in a garment bag, gagging to see the light.

SS15 Newbie: Stripes

True…it seems like stripes are always a trend come the spring/summer shows, but this year, they come in a far more graphic variety (and less strictly horizontal) that have enough oomph to give you a headache if you stare at their zigzagging too long.

The Merge: French ahoy.  What else can you say of a look that is as soft and playful, as one that combines a rose piece with a striped number? It’s the perfect weekend outfit, should you be heading to the cape, coast or cottage. Dressed in a dreamy pastel pink top and a striped skirt, the prettiness of your nautical look will deem you, as the French say, mingon comme un bouton.

Published March 4, 2015