More is more! I’ve never agreed with the “less is more” idea. I love layering accessories. Even if you’re not a fan of big, chunky jewellery you can layer lots of simple pieces (such as our Vintage Rock Necklace and Atlantis Pendant) for an interesting, but still delicate, look.


While I believe jewellery is an essential component of any outfit, it’s important to keep it balanced — especially when wearing statement pieces. For example, our Avalon Collar offers such a large style impact, that it’s best paired with a simple ring and bare arms.

Accessories are a great way to elevate a color blocked outfit. JewelMint‘s Color Theory Rings add a playful punch of color to an outfit and come in five dynamic shades: lime, canary yellow, tangerine, teal and plum. Select rings that complement your outfit’s color palette, or stack all five for a fresh burst of color. Accessories should be simple, so avoid overly-embellished items for this look.