When talking to 26-year-old actress Tracy Spiridakos about fashion, it’s almost difficult to image her glammed up in lipstick and heels after watching her dueling it out week after week against the terror’s of a post-apocalyptic world as the tough-as-nails Charlie Matheson on NBC’s Revolution. Funny enough, for the no-fuss natural beauty, a reality where luxury dressings like a pair of Manolos are a distant memory, is actually a little closer to her comfort zone…fashion-wise that is.

“I’m more a jeans and T-shirt kinda gal, but this whole red carpet business is pretty damn fun, I must say,” she says about her personal style.

Though leaning closer to the casual end of the style spectrum when off set, the Canadian-born actress is becoming increasingly interested in all that comes with looking the part of a camera-ready Hollywood starlet. “Im actually getting into shopping more and more these days,” says Spiridakos. “I have a maximum of about an hour, hour and a half in me before I start whining for a beer and food, but for that hour, I’m invested.”

Having become something of an old hand at the red carpet since her Being Human (2012) days, we caught up with Spiridakos to chat about the evolution of her personal style, spring/summer trends and of course before all that, we got the scoop on the upcoming series finale of Revolution (Wednesday, May 21st at 8/7C) and her favourites onscreen moments of season two.


This past season has been full of some huge surprises and drama. What’s been a season highlight for you in terms of that one scene that you really got to delve deep into?

Oh man, that’s a tough question (laughing)…one scene? For me, the Charlie/Monroe scenes are good fun to play, they’re always so electric. Those two have such intensity between them that it toys with Charlies morals in a very dangerous, but exciting way. I feel like every time he walks away from her, she has to shake her head to regain control. It’s an interesting dynamic.

Makes for great drama that’s for sure. Any particular scene between the two that stands out?

The one scene that sticks out to me right now would have to be the one where Charlie shoots Jason. In that scene, we get to see Charlies intuitiveness and simultaneously her strength and vulnerability. This season, Charlie has been so tough, and having to make difficult decisions have only hardened her further, so for me it was fulfilling to allow her heart to break. Dipping into what lengths Charlie will go to in order to survive and the price that comes with that survival instinct. It was a great challenge and having JD [Pardo], who is so incredibly talented to play all that off of, was such a gift.


We know you can’t tell us what is going to happen in the series finale, but can you give us a tiny hint about that audience might expect to see?

Well, the patriots have it out for Monroe and Miles, so we get to see some action happening there and the unraveling of some mysteries along the way…

Intriguing! When reading the script or on set, have you ever found yourself imagining what a post-apocalyptic world might actually look like and how you would handle yourself in it? Think you would be as tough as Charlie?

Oh, I definitely think about it. It’s hard not too. Do I think I’d be as tough as Charlie? Ya…I think so. I’m not the soft type. My parents are the toughest people I’ve ever known, my dad especially, to me he’s a superhero.

Seems like you share your character’s survivor spirit then. I imagine you have to have that sort of spirit to make it in the world of Hollywood — it’s a tough gig that a lot of people want!

I do yeah. I have a hard time sitting still and waiting for things to happen, I’m proactive about what I want and don’t take well to being told I can’t do something. The Hollywood world is new to me, I’m fortunate to be here and don’t take any of it for granted. As far as needing to be tough here…yeah, I think you have to have thick skin. Some people will love your work, some won’t, but in the end, those things out of your control. I just wanna do the best I can, continue to grow as an artist and see where my path takes me.


Aside from the mental side of things, you also have to be pretty physically tough to be pulling off what you do on the show. The stunts on the show are impressive! Do you like doing the stunts/fight sequences, and is it difficult getting into the kind of shape you have to be in to do them?

I love stunt days! Keeping in shape is tough because of our schedule, but whenever I have time, I get some training in there. Jeff (our stunt co-ordinator) is fantastic, he knows how to make us all look lethal when we’re truly just a group of goofballs. Part of his job is to keep us safe, and part of my job is to scare the shit out of him with my clumsiness, so…you know, fun fun for the whole family!

With your wardrobe being so limited on Revolution, it’s always fun to see you dressed up on the red carpet. We love your red carpet style by the way, especially your choice in dresses. What look do you tend to go for when dressing for events?

Thank you! I’m honestly just starting to figure out my style, on the red carpet and off. I’m slowly getting more creative with what I choose and am enjoying the discovery of what I’m drawn too. I find more often than not, it’s usually something feminine with a touch of edge that gets me.


What item in your closet would you never want to part with?

Item in my closet I don’t wanna part with? My sweatpants. Judge if you will, but those suckers are amazing.

What item in your closet might have already overstayed its welcome?

Item that’s overstayed its welcome? My sweatpants. It’s probably time, but I will not part with them…don’t even start with me.

Maybe you should keep them! What look are you going for this summer season? Any particular trends you’re excited about?

Bright colors. Any of them, they all make me happy.

What about the crop top, that one is a popular trend, and you’re in great shape from the show. Think you’d try that one out?

Crop tops are in my closet yes, the loose fitting hippy style tops…that’s me.

What are some of your favourite brands?

I love my Rag & Bone jeans and L.A.M.B. shoes.

I understand you’re from Winnipeg, any Canadian designers you count as favourites?

I’m really just getting into the fashion world, but some Canadian designers that I dig are Vawk, [as well as] Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczner.

Those are some great ones! Who is your style icon and what do you love about their signature fashion look?

Audrey Hepburn is simply flawless. Always classy, stunning and sexy. Even before I got into fashion, I always appreciated how timeless she and her style were.

Published May 20th, 2014