Call them hooters, knockers, mosquito bites, melons, or boobies, just take care of them says Rethink Breast Cancer. A charity dedicated to educating the female population under 40 about breast cancer, as well as supporting those with the disease, Rethink Breast Cancer is the sass behind a movement to galvanize our generation of women into action without relying on fear-driven PSA or black tie galas that miss the central point of awareness.

Rounding up the crowd for their annual Boobyball, Rethink shows off their talent for taking off the kid gloves when it comes to humor on the subject of breast cancer with a short film promoting this year’s theme: Camp Booby. The use of cunning word play speaks out about boobies with attention grabbing gusto.

This year, the Boobyball will be held at Sound Academy on October 12, and ladies, we want you there dancing beside us to the beat of DJ Brendan Fallis and Mista Jiggz; out together to celebrate breast cancer awareness. And boys, don’t think you’re off the hook, this cause is your’s too. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation predicts that in 2012, an estimated 200 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in men, in addition to the 22,700 Canadian women diagnosed with breast cancer.”

As for camp wear, the fall trends are with you. Take inspiration from Michael Kors A/W 12 runway, and make a statement in lumberjack-inspired red-and-black blanket-plaid greatcoats paired with a campfire-freindy cable-knit sweater. (Maybe just try to find a thin version of both for dance floor comfort.) Or, try on one of the many kumbaya-ish graphic sweatshirts and sweaters out on shelves now, our personal favourites feature a hen, bat and peacock from J.Crew, Zoe Karssen and Aubin & Willis respectively. Then again, showing off the cause is what Camp Booby is all about, so slipping into summer time classics: Daisy Duke plaids, halters with plunging necklines, or bikini tops, may be a better option. When it comes to fashion, anything goes at Camp Booby, so love as you love thy hooters.

At a $100 a pop, tickets may seem steep, but for the fun and the cause, it’s a deal. After all, that ticket is the same price as the campy sweaters we just said we love so much. Aren’t your boobies worth more than the sweaters that hide them?

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