It’s hard to believe that just 100 years ago, the statement sweater didn’t exist. Knitted sweaters were utilitarian at best (think fisherman and cattle hearders) until Patou and Chanel took on its artistic form in the 1920s. Flash forward 10 years, and Pringle of Scotland is making its name on designing stylish cashmere sweaters, including the introduction of the twin set. Made famous by screen star Lana Turner, who flaunted a body-hugging version of the look in 1937’s They Won’t Forget, the twin set trend continues to reign over social luncheons today.

After decades of transformation, from evening sweaters bedecked with fur collars and silk linings to the invention of the ugly Christmas sweater (a common sight this time of year), sweaters are now available in any shape, fabric and style. It’s not a question of crew neck verses V-neck anymore; we’re talking graphic print vs. lace back here.

With such a selection, it can be difficult to choose, and so, to aid you in your hunt for the perfect sweater, we’ve selected a few modern versions that are sure to keep you warm and stylish, no matter what the occasion.



For the most part we don’t really pay mind to what we wear at home, but there is something to be said for finding a piece of clothing that offers both ultimate comfort and effortless style. A looser fit is without question is a must—no one likes to be uncomfortable around their own domain—but this doesn’t have to translate into frumpy. The trick is to play with cuts other than boxy and long i.e. bag-like, and choose flattering shapes and fun patterns that read comfy (“I’m heading to the couch to have a movie marathon!”), while are evidently meant to be seen when worn (“…and my boyfriend is joining me!”). Try a fuzzy turtleneck, a personal fave of ours this season, or an oversized-yet-still-feminine, look paired with leggings. Or, should warming by a fireplace after a day on the slopes be in the plans, a Fair Isle sweater is the ideal accompaniment to an après-ski scene.



It’s cold—like thinking of wearing gloves as you play Candy Crush on your phone indoors cold—and although a date may be reason enough to face the frosty winds awaiting you outside, it’s not enough to catch pneumonia for. In other words, just because you want to look nice for your special someone, doesn’t mean you have to freeze in an itty-bitty top and skirt. Simple choose a finer knit to stay toasty, while still turning heads Lana Turner style. We suggest adding a touch of edge by playing with sophisticated patterns and crop cuts paired with a high-waisted full skirt.



An office staple sweater is one of the most practical things you can buy, so you might as well invest in a nice one. Although the rules for this one involves higher necklines, and less fun flair, boring is definitely not a category it need fall under. Depending on what kind of work environment you find yourself in, colours, simple patterns and texture are a way of keeping your look simple (i.e. boardroom friendly), while still on trend.



Somehow, even a simple sweater looked elegant on Jackie O. When splurging on a knit, make it a staple piece, the sort that you could wear paired with a skirt to holiday dinner parties and with jeans to a brunch date. And, as the rule for staple splurges go, it’s imperative to think classic style. Channel the timeless elegance of history’s most stylish First Lady and pick neutral colour turtlenecks, a perfect balance to a patterned bottom, and an easy match for solid ones. With turtlenecks being on trend this season, there’s a variety of up the neck wool that will keep you ahead of the fashion curve and exquisite as ever.



Whether it is patterned or plain, the secret to the chalet sweater is coziness, and for this we can only suggest cashmere. Nothing can beat its softness, and despite its rather infamous high price tag, trust us, the added comfort is worth it. Naturally feminine, the fabric is flattering in any shape; try it glammed up with fur accents, oversized for a boyfriend fit or knit and up the neck. Whatever the style, it will be fit for the touch. Fireplace cuddle anyone?

Published November 28, 2014