Athletes enter. Hear the cheering! The Opening Ceremonies have started, and the ranking begins.

At the London 2012 Summer Olympics, athletes will not only be representing their country’s talent, but also their ability to look fashionable on and off the track. A team’s uniform displays their nation’s identity, and determines that all-important first impression before the global audience. At the Summer Olympic games, watch for Jamaica, Great Britain, Italy, Canada and the United States of America to catch the crowd’s eye; all countries listed have recruited homegrown designers to ensure attention is kept on their athletes. Noteworthy names such as Prada, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Cedella Marley and Stella McCartney top the roster of Olympic designers, with patriotic brands including Canada’s own Hudson’s Bay Company, spinning out fan-friendly threads to show off in the stands.

Dressed in high performance athletic wear, athletes want to do more than simply display their wardrobe’s cool factor — they want to intimidate.

The U.S will be showing off every powerful muscle in their second skin. Nike has equipped the team with running suits that will knock 0.0023 seconds off their time in a 100 metre sprint. The question is: will this suit be able to compete with the World’s Fastest Man, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, pounding the pavement with PUMAs on his feet?

The athletes competing in the Olympics are super beings; their agility, strength and speed conquer the average person’s abilities. Plain folk like us will have to be satisfied with just attempting to push the limits in Olympian endorsed apparel including the PUMA evoSPEED running shoe, designed by Bolt in partnership with PUMA. Suitable for a multitude of sports, the slogan, “Everyone can Bolt,” invites us all to chase after podium dreams.

If you’re planning to watch the London 2012 Olympics between July 27th and August 12th, show a little team spirit, and cheer on your team in something from the wide collection of “fan-wear” available from official Summer Games sportswear partners. If it doesn’t conflict with your national allegiance, nab some gear from Adidas, PUMA, Ralph Lauren and The Hudson Bay Company — top on FILLER’s Olympic style charts. You may not be able to outrun the fastest man alive — PUMA evoSPEED running shoe or not — but you can look the part.

Team Great Britain

This is London’s third time hosting the summer Olympics, the Queen’s 60th year on the thrown, and the first time a designer has teamed-up with an Olympic sportswear partner. Partnering with Adidas to design the official team wardrobe, Stella McCartney respectfully steps out of the spotlight and says, “You’re working with the best athletes in the world, and that requires the technical know-how of someone like Adidas.”

Brits off the track can turn to Adidas by Stella McCartney, for pieces from her Olympic design kit including lifestyle collection items done in pale yellow, grey, blue and red, with gold foil accents adorning the fabric. For diehards, patriotism runs strongest in the Olympic leggings. Wear your flag proud!

Team Italy

Calling in the big hitters, the Italians have Giorgio Armani and Prada overseeing their team’s closet. Armani has produced a design kit that includes formal wear and EA7 Emporio Armani sportswear for the athletes during their downtime. Details such as the embroidered Italian national anthem on the inside, left hand side of their sweatshirts are sure to foster a winning spirit. As Armani states, “Sport is the most patriotic thing that there is and it inspires national pride.” Ironically, he did not design the collections to display the nation’s flag colors; the collection is navy and white, with a hint of red on select pieces.

Prada jumped aboard to dress the national sailing team, designing blue and white outfits that single-handedly up the ante in nautical fashions.

Let’s hope that the Italy’s game is as pristine as its style.

Team USA

The Ralph Lauren 2012 Olympic Collection displays the colors of the American flag, with designs that recall the 1948 London Olympics. The reason for the vintage vibe goes beyond style; in 1948, the United States conquered the games, winning more medals than any other country. Will history repeat itself? Could the larger pony mean an even greater win? A designer can hope.

Ralph Lauren is taking their patriotism mainstream, offering the option to customize Olympic Collection memorabilia. Want a little polo dress with Michael Phelps last name on the back? It’s all yours for $198 – too bad he doesn’t come with it.

Team Jamaica

Jamaica’s Olympians will be wearing their country’s identity proud, as they sweat it out in head-to-toe PUMA. The brand has collaborated with none other than Cedella Marley, daughter of national icon Bob Marley. On the partnership, runner Usain Bolt says, “PUMA got that right…hooking up with a legendary Jamaican. She’s a great designer but also carries on the spirit of our nation through the legacy of the Marley family.”

The yellow and green military inspired collection dons imagery of Bob Marley’s face, as well as Arthur Wint, Jamaica’s first Olympic champion back during the 1948 summer games. Bolt and team are bringing “positive vibrations” to this summer’s games, or so suggest the embroidered inscription on the inside of Bolt’s collar. It’s all about positive thinking, remember “Everyone can Bolt.”

Team Canada

It was in 1908 when the Olympics were first held in London; that year, Canada brought home 15 medals. The Hudson Bay Company, founded in 1670, is an obvious choice to represent Canada’s heritage, as much a part of the nation’s identity as the maple leaf itself. An amalgamation of the country’s most standout team apparel from games past, the 2012 team replica apparel includes summer wardrobe essentials including everything from denim jackets and sweaters covered with embroidered badges of maple leaves and beavers to a sizable beach towel in patriotic red for dips in the pool when the games are off air. Oh Canada…turn those beaver badges into medals for the Great White North!