What does it take to become a muse of one the world’s most celebrated fashion designers? It might include style, talent, or perhaps a certain natural look; whatever it is, Camille Miceli has it.

Beginning her career at the press offices of Chanel under the tutelage of world renowned fashion designer Karl Largerfeld, Camille Miceli had already successful made a mark for herself in the world of fashion. It was in 1997 that she met and befriended designer Marc Jacobs, a relationship that he accredited to the inspiration behind the new look for the Louis Vuitton woman, crowning Miceli as his muse. It was through Marc Jacobs’ encouragement that Miceli began designing jewellery, eventually heading the department of costume jewellery for Louis Vuitton. “It is very rare to have such a genius person giving you the chance to express yourself,” she says about the support given to her by Marc Jacobs.

In 2009, Miceli was named Creative Director of Accessories at Christian Dior. She began designing pieces that reflect Dior’s rich history with signature details that make the brand recognizable upon first glance. When explaining her aesthetic she states, “I wanted to create a range of bold, feminine and desirable jewellery always with a couture aspect. It has to be classic with a modern twist”. This philosophy led to the creation of the short fashion film: Pinballwhich showcases a fun and unique way of demonstrating the making of the Mise en Dior necklace with the classic Dior pearl being used in a pinball machine to demonstrate the making of the necklace.

Pinball is one of the most classic and popular games and to make it Dior became so modern and so attractive,” says Miceli of the concept of this whimsical video. With short fashion films being all the rave right now, Miceli’s film joins the ranks of must-see releases including Karl Lagerfeld’s Cruise 2012 film and Fred Butler’s S/S 2012 video. As for Camille Miceli herself, she states that working with the visual worlds of films was “a very inspiring and nourishing experience.” Given the innovative finished product, we would agree.