While it all still seems like “a bizarre life” to the actor, he’s been enjoying what he calls an “educational” experience. “It’s a craft that you never become an utter professional [in], you’re always learning,” notes Evans. “You can always pick up a trick along the way, which I have definitely done working with some brilliant actors and fantastic directors.” Clocking hours on big studio productions isn’t likely to trigger any morphs in personality; he has a tight grasp on reality, no matter how uncanny it seems of late. “You never know what’s around the corner; it’s about enjoying the journey that an actor has.”

Remaining ever Andy Cobb in his grounded approach to life, he does have a flicker of the suave Aramis, the musketeer prone to preening and breaking hearts. A man of obvious charm, Evans admits — after some laughs and many pauses — to romantic patterns that resemble that of his latest character. “I’m reluctant to say it…there’s probably more Aramis in me than Andy Cobb,” he pauses and chuckles. “I’d like to think there was a nice balance between the two, but I think I’d probably be edging a little more close to the Aramis character unfortunately.”

Enjoying “flipping between” drama and action, Evans will once again make the flip over to drama with his next project Vivaldi, a period drama centered upon the romance between the Venetian priest, composer and violin virtuoso, and his protégée, vocalist Anna Tessieri Giro played by Jessica Biel. Cast as the film’s title character, he is as confident to take the lead as he is in awe of the very fact he is the lead. Nervous though, he is not. “I’m quite excited about it. It is a big responsibility, but I’m definitely ready for it.” Adding with a laugh, “I should hope they didn’t give me the role if they didn’t think I was.” Submerging himself in the “fact and the fiction that surrounds Vivaldi” through his extensive research for the part, he is also taking time to learn the violin, when not in the field, sword in hand, charging about on stallions. “It’s been very interesting,” he laughs when discussing his recent music lessons. The actor is “quietly confident” that he will be able to master the instrument (on camera that is) by the end of the learning process. “I’ve never played violin in my life, but I come from a family of very manual, hands on people, they pick things up very quickly, and so thankfully I’ve picked it up not too badly.”

With film titles stacking up on his IMDB profile, leaving him with barely enough time to eat and sleep in between sword fighting, horse riding, violin playing, and learning lines, Evans is becoming accustomed to the fast-paced life of an in-demand actor, and happy for it. “It’s a brilliant world when your goals, your ambitions are tangible all of a sudden.”

Stylist – Sascha Lilic at SLR Agency
Grooming – Hamilton at SLR Agency