I think that’s every fan’s dream! What about zombies in general, are you into zombies, horror movies and all that stuff?

I fuck with some zombies.

On that note, describe what it felt like the first time you killed a zombie on camera? Did you have to do a few takes or did you get it the first time? Seems like it would be tough to aim…

I have four brothers. I’ve been fighting zombies my whole life: zombies with slingshots, hockey sticks, BB guns and the like. I guess I can thank them for my aim.

I’ve got big brothers, I get it. Does it ever get emotionally exhausting playing out all the drama on the show? The characters never seem to just be able to rest.

A hundred percent exhausting. We are often shooting early mornings for days in a row, which helps me access what I need to play Tara. That’s the challenge though, and I’m always game.

What’s one thing about Tara that the viewers might not realize about her? Maybe a clue into her back-story?

I would like to believe she was a stand-up comedian, possibly at birth.

Well, she does have the timing for it. There’s something very “Lord of the Flies” about the situations the characters of “The Walking Dead” find themselves in. Do you find yourself intrigued by how the show examines human nature through its plots?

That’s my favorite part of the show—it’s almost a show about human nature, and the zombies are secondary. Survival brings into question our own morality and what we would do for the people we love.


If the zombie apocalypse was about to strike, which characters from the show would you want in your camp?

I’d consider myself lucky if I ended up with any of the group Tara has with her.

Now that you’re in your second season with the show, are you pretty close with the rest of the cast?

It’s a unique situation that we’re all living in Atlanta together. We all spend quite a bit of time together on and off the set. During Halloween, we all drove together to a haunted house…let me tell you, Steven screams like a girl.

I would have liked to have seen that! What else do you like to do when off set, like what are you listening to, reading or watching right now?

I’m listening to the Serial podcast—I’m hooked. I also just bought All the Light We Cannot See [by Anthony Doerr] to enjoy on a hammock, while on vacation this week with some friends.

Let’s talk a bit about fashion and beauty. I love your red carpet style, but I hear that you’re actually not so into getting glammed up, is that true?

Everything I wear on the red carpet or off, is something I feel comfortable in. That said, you’ll never catch me owning a trendy item if it doesn’t also go well with Converse.


We can get behind that logic. Do you rely more on stylists and hair and makeup artists when getting red carpet ready, or do you like to be more apart of the process yourself?

I feel like I understand my style, and I’ve found people to work with to help me hone in on it and find me items and looks that speak to that style. It’s always a collaboration…I like to bring photos or inspiration for each look.

They’re a helping hand, everyone needs that.

I don’t own a blow dryer, and I’d never be able to curl my own eyelashes.

It’s a good thing you found some people to help you in the hair and makeup department then! Between the cameras on the red carpet and the paparazzi, do you feel pressure to look good all the time? Or, do you just try to ignore it and live as normal a life as possible?

I’m just livin’.

Would you say your personal style leans more towards the casual side, what with the Converse and all?

Absolutely. My closet is full of casual clothes—jeans, T-shirts, Converse etc., that I can wear over and over again. Then I like to invest in some statement pieces, usually bags and shoes.

Do you have a sort of staple outfit?

Stripes and overalls! Apparently, I am a seven-year-old.

Hey, it works though. Who is your style idol?

The one that feels most true is Kimmy Gibbler.

Best answer ever. Last question: back to the show, without giving away any spoilers, what can we expect from Tara during the upcoming midseason finale. And, what aspects of her story are you hoping will be explored deeper come the midseason premiere?

Tara’s back-story has not been delved into yet on the show, but, you will come to find that Tara is someone to trust—through thick and thin.

Styling by Monty Jackson
Makeup by Kristina Brown at Jed Root
Hair by Derek Williams at The Wall Group


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