a picture memory from Winos Away

It’s no secret that I loooove wine and there’s hardly a time when I would turn down indulging in a glass, or attending a tasting. Tasty food involved too? Even better!

For this reason I am rather giddy to attend the VINTAGES Summer BBQ party next week, and I encourage anyone else who is a lover of wine and food to attend too.

Taking place on the lakefront in downtown Toronto next Thursday evening, the event will feature 65 fine wines from the LCBO‘s VINTAGES section to pair with everyone’s classic barbecue favourites.

I’m hardly a wine snob, but I hope to become a version of one some day soon. Mostly because I love learning about different wines and letting my palette explore new flavours. This event is exciting to me because it is being curated towards making everyone and anyone feel comfortable shopping in that intimidating ‘VINTAGES‘ section of the LCBO.

Even as a regular wine purchaser at the LCBO, the VINTAGES section has always come across to me as an area “too special” for a consumer as regular as myself. If the VINTAGES Summer BBQ can help persuade me that it’s not, you can be sure I’ll probably pitch a tent at the Summerhill location and just live there from then on.

Tickets for the VINTAGES Summer BBQ are $65 each and include the walk-around tasting, food and live music! Purchases can be made by calling 1-800-266-4764 (full details above) did I mention that you attendance will get you the chance to win a brand spanking new Weber Spirit Series SP-320 Gas Grill!? Saweet!

See you there!!