From celebrities to your closest friends, it feels like everyone around us has been on, is doing or plans on partaking in a juice cleanse. Whether it’s done for health reasons, to clean you out before that beach vacation or just to make for some good Instagram posts, there is no denying this food fad is catching on like wild fire. And as this liquid trend continues to grow, so does its demand around the city since those smoothie spots just won’t suffice anymore.  So when husband and wife Andrew and Leila Ois decided to expand their health food ideas through their very own juice bar, The Good Press, it only made sense to put it right in the heart of Yorkville.

The Good Press

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Tucked away from the busy street, The Good Press’ atmosphere is that perfect combination of on-the-go juice runs for the office, and somewhere to relax with an acai bowl after yoga. After seven successful years with their juice bar at Sunshine Wholesome Market, the Ois’ decided to launch this new juice bar with a concept that focuses on convenient, nutrient-dense cold-pressed bottled juices.

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One of the many ways they stay true to that is by their non-use of HPP (High Pressure Processing). HPP is when intense pressure is applied to a tank of packaged products, this is meant to kill pathogens and extend shelf life, but at The Good Press that defeats the purpose of selling juice that is fresh, pure and alive.

They also pay attention to all the details that go into making their products, by keeping it local, organic and not just your basic combination of ingredients. Some of the most popular mixtures are; Eye Spy (carrot, apple, lemon, turmeric), Hawaii 5-0 (pineapple, spinach, romaine, arugula, jalapeno) and the very delicious Chocolate Milk (activated cashews, B-grade maple syrup, dates, pure vanilla extract, chocosol cacao nibs).

The Good Press

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If or if not a juice person, this little spot has something for everyone and not to mention the awesome reusable glass packaging that every juice comes in. Although it might be seen as a trend right now, there is no denying the powerful and reinvigorating affect juicing can have on your body. So if your going to do it you might as well to do it right and that can definitely be done at The Good Press.

 This post was contributed by Lindsay Sganga

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