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Even though taking care of my health is constantly on my mind, it’s hard for me to find the time in my schedule to make it to the doctor. Nevermind my regular family doctor, what about also having to find time for visits to my massage therapist, naturopath, acupuncturist, and even skin therapist? It’s nearly impossible to see any of them when I need to, especially when they’re all spread across the city.

If you, like me, can appreciate a ‘one stop shop’ for your health care, then you’ll definitely want to book in for a visit at the Simcoe Place Health Clinic; conveniently located at Front St. and Simcoe for anyone that works and/or lives downtown. The Simcoe Place Health Clinic has health professionals on hand to help you with everything from laser hair removal to shockwave therapy. Seriously, this isn’t your average walk-in clinic.

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Don’t believe me? Here is the full list of what their professional services include:  Acupuncture and TCM, Laser Hair Removal, PRP Facial Rejuvenation, Chiropractic Medicine, Mesotherapy, Massage Therapy, Family Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Registered Reflexology, Homeopathy, Nutritional Services, Shockwave Therapy, IV Therapy, and Physiotherapy.

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For my first visit at the Simcoe Health Clinic, I sat down with their Naturopathic Doctor, Tamarah Chaddah. Although I was scheduled for a Mesotherapy treatment, we first sat down to chat about my health in general. It was then that I expressed to Tamarah the crippling exhaustion I felt on a daily basis. That even though I work around the clock to keep up with two full time jobs (my 9-5 and, I still felt like my energy levels were not what they should be, especially for someone in their mid twenties who generally leads a healthy and active lifestyle. Tamarah ordered for me to get a blood test, and for us to pursue IV Therapy once she was able to review the results of my test. Until then, we focused on my skincare.


Now, I have to be honest and upfront here. Mesotherapy is not for those who have a needle phobia because the entire facial involves having liquid vitamins injected into your face with a needle. Read: ALL over your face, meaning you get pricked with that needle over and over, and over again. It is definitely the furthest thing from relaxing, but, if you are a Beauty Extremist willing to try anything and are not bothered by pain, then I say go for it! The results, of course, are worth it and the whole thing can definitely be classified as an experience.

Since at the time I had to get my blood work done off site (this can now be done on site), it took me (as you may have guessed) a few of months to actually get it done. Although bear in mind that I had to renew my health card during the whole process which held things up quite a bit, sorry about that Simcoe Health Clinic! Upon receiving my results and returning to visit Dr. Tamarah, she revealed that in general all of my levels were normal and good, even my Iron levels which we expected to be low and causing my fatigue. The only things that were out of whack were my rock bottom levels of B12, and my low blood pressure. Since the IV Therapy would be a big boost in my B12, we moved on without much further discussion.


The IV Therapy, as you can imagine, did involve needles, although not to the extent (aka duration) of the Mesotherapy treatment. I feel more comfortable saying that someone who doesn’t love needles could get through IV Therapy more easily than they could Mesotherapy. The treatment, as you may have guessed, simply involved sitting around for about 45 minutes while the vitamin-filled drip slowly made its way into my body.

At this point, you may be wondering if and why you should get Mesotherapy or IV Therapy for yourself, and for this reason I called upon Tamarah to give her top 5 reasons a patient should get Mesotherapy and IV Therapy:

Tamarah’s Top 5 Reasons To Get Mesotherapy:

  1. Facial skin rejuvenation
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Acne
  4. Eye concerns: dark circles and wrinkles
  5. Improving texture, and tone of skin

Tamarah’s Top 5 Reasons To Get IV Therapy:

  1. Burn out and fatigue
  2. Cold and flu prevention and support
  3. Detoxification
  4. Anti-aging
  5. Migraine headaches

My  ”vitamin cocktail” drip included calcium, magnesium, B 100 Complex, Selenium, B12, B5, B6, and Vitamin 6. Although I wasn’t totally convinced when I left my IV Therapy (I didn’t exactly leave the office doing cartwheels and back flips, which I obviously expected) now that it has been a couple of weeks I’ve noticed the drastic difference in my energy levels. For example, instead of feeling groggy all day and needing endless coffees, I feel alert and don’t depend on more than one coffee in the morning. Instead of crawling into bed between 9 and 10 o’clock, I’ve been falling asleep closer to 2am and easily waking up by  7:30am.

Since IV vitamin treatments are generally not covered by OHIP and are not exactly cheap, Tamarah was very open to sitting down with me (and any of her patients) to review the vitamins I have at home, and advise on how to take them, when to take them, and what I do or don’t need to be taking. To give you a idea, the IV administration fee is $80, and the vitamin fusions can cost between $30-100  each time. B12 shots that are administered by a naturopathic doctor are also not covered by OHIP but are much more affordable for those on a budget (like I am) at only $15 per shot. Although IV Therapy and Mesotherapy are not covered by OHIP they are usually covered by extended health care plans offered by employers. It should also be noted that Simcoe Place Health Clinic is one of the only clinics that offers direct billing — which means you may not have to pay anything up front and the clinic will bill the insurance company directly.

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I know I’m not the only one out there who is constantly run off her feet and has a number of physical and health concerns that could be addressed more quickly if it were to happen in one, convenient spot. Busy modern people need a modern health clinic that can keep up with our lifestyles after all! For this reason I recommend considering the Simcoe Health Clinic as your one stop shop for all of your health and body care needs. Click HERE to learn more about the clinic.



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