Finding a good waxer is no easy feat, especially in Toronto. I’ve been everywhere from the back of nail salons to the fanciest spas, and, as much as I’d like to say you get what you pay for, it’s not always the case. To be honest, in most cases when I’ve paid the most for a wax, I’ve left with the worst job done. But it’s not only about money either, you’ve got a trust and really like the person who’s going to be getting up close and personal with your, well, cracks, and handling the hair on your face. Your relationship with your hairdresser ain’t got nothin’ in comparison to your relationship with your favourite waxer! In the city of Toronto there are four women that I love and rely on for the best in hair removal. I felt the first ever #GCbeautyweek would be a great time to highlight each one of these amazing women.

Here are the 4 women I rely on for the best hair removal in Toronto:


Who: Telma Goncalves

Where:  Princess Hair and Spa at College and Ossington

Why: I discovered Telma through a friend when I first moved home from London, England three years ago. She is number one of this list because she is literally my waxing QUEEN and I have referred almost every single one of my girlfriends. She is probably one of the best kept secrets on College Street (located just west of Ossington) and will give one of the smoothest Brazillian waxes you’ll ever get. There is never one hair left when you leave Telma, and she is not afraid to get in with tweezers if she needs to. Did I mention her waxes are only $30 on your first visit and $25 after?? It’s insane! Best to call for an appointment, the salon is open from Tuesday-Saturday.


Who: Patty Kamarinos

Where: Ritual  at King and Niagara

Why: If you previously read about The BrowWOW, you’ll already know of my love for Patty at Ritual on King West. Not only is she super cool (and a makeup artist!) but she’ll literally have you walking out the door with brows that would have Cara Delevigne envious, within 15 minutes. A BrowWOW not only involves a brow wax and tint,  but also a natural lift thanks to the Microcurrent Brow Lift. The wax and tint will cost you $30 with an extra $15 for the lift. It’s definitely something to consider for any big events where you want to look extra fierce and perky.   Appointments can be made by phone or online, click HERE to visit the site.


Who: Jane Kerr

Where: Fuzz Wax Bar at Queen and Bathurst

Why: Thanks to what can only be described as emergency summer waxing, I found Jane at Fuzz Wax Bar on Queen West. I was extremely short on time and, for whatever reason, needed to be waxed as soon as possible. I decided to try Fuzz because of its proximity to my office, and lucked out by randomly booking with Jane. This little Irish lady is nice and super fast. I also love Fuzz’s online booking system that allows you to track down Jane and see exactly when she is available any day of the week, and over upcoming weeks. Fuzz also has a great subscription system where if you pay $35 a month your brazilian wax is included, and you get a discounted rate on all other services. For example, my half leg wax only costs $13! Find out more about Fuzz Wax Bar HERE.


Who: Hana El Chaar

Where: Natural Solutions at Yonge and Shuter

Why: Hana is a very recent new find for me. In fact, I met her for the first time last weekend! As she was giving me a Dermalogica facial, she told me that she is renowned for her eyebrow threading. So much so that even Lou Lou Magazine has highlighted her as the pro to go to. Since I wasn’t doing much expect laying around (while getting the facial) Hana threaded my brows right there on the spot. She assured me that she wouldn’t mess up the natural shape of my brows, or their thickness, and that she was only going to “clean them up” for me. Although threading was definitely more uncomfortable than waxing, she did do an amazing job that has brought on tons of compliments since I got them done. Best of all? She only charges $15! And for those who laser, Hana has a Soprano XL laser that is ALL the rage. Why? It’s pain free and requires far fewer treatments than traditional lasers. Hana used the Soprano on my underarms (the only part of my body I still shave) and says I will only need three treatments in total. Right now I’m still within the first ten days since the laser treatment, which is when the dead hair grows out and then falls out. Even after this treatment Hana says I won’t have hair under my arms for 4 weeks. In her words, she’s going to get me “as smooth as a dolphin!” haha. Hana works on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, call in to book with her click HERE for more info.

Have questions about my experiences with these ladies? Have anyone you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment and let me know!




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