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Since moving to #CasaGC just over a year ago, my boyfriend and I have often discussed getting a pet, with both of us rooting for a dog. Of course, the main problem was always that we don’t currently lead a lifestyle that can accommodate one because we’re not at home enough.

Even though getting a cat was my second choice, I pushed for the idea since it would mean we could still have a furry friend in the house that required way less attention and maintenance. But every time it was brought up, my boyfriend put the kibosh on the idea, flat out, saying he absolutely did not want to get a cat. Hmph!

Then one night, in the middle of my 27th birthday party, my friend Richard asked me if I wanted one of his cats because he was too allergic to keep living with both in his loft. Of course, I said yes, without question.

I’ve never considered myself to be a crazy cat lady. No, not the spinster kind with 50 different cats living in her house, but the younger, trendier kind, where you’re obsessed with your maximum 1-2 cats, and purchase every cat print accessory and piece of clothing on the market. It’s just never been my thing, especially since I haven’t had a cat in years.

Fast forward to present day and both myself and my boyfriend are absolutely obsessed with this cat. Our world now revolves around her, and we’re not sure how we lived without her before. Even my boyfriend — the one who flat out said no to the idea of a cat every time — is beyond obsessed with her. Our emails have gone from DIY ideas for the house, to funny cat videos and information on her breed, that are mainly sent by him, not me.

So it’s true, I admit it. I’ve turned into one of them. I am now a full blown crazy cat lady who takes selfies with her cat and sends them to friends on a Saturday night.

cat allergies - reactine - gracie carroll

The only problem is that I’m actually slightly allergic to her. I’m a bit of a cuddle monster by nature, so I pet her constantly, give her hugs, and even shove my face into hers to tell her how much I love her on a daily basis. But then, without a doubt, this almost instantly results in red itchy bumps appearing on my hands and face, to the point where I can’t touch her for hours until they go away.

I would never let an allergy get in the way of keeping her, so I’ve had to turn to solutions to help me. These reactions — while not lethal — require more than just washing my hands and face for the reaction to die down.

cat allergies - reactine - gracie carroll

Naturally, after my first flare up, I turned to REACTINE® to help me out because I know it works. As you may remember from my post last spring on how to fight the Pollen Vortex (link: , REACTINE® is what I recommend to help keep allergies at bay and keep living your life, and loving everything in it. Best of all, it starts to work in just 20 minutes so you can get back to feeling like yourself in almost no time at all.

If you, like me, are a natural born animal lover with a natural born allergy to animals, try REACTINE® to see if it helps you dodge unfortunate itchiness and sneezing when all you want to do is play with some furry friends!

Of course please note that if you have a serious allergy to animals you should consult your health practitioner first.

Thank you REACTINE®!






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