Hello world, I’m BACK! It feels like ages since I last posted a What I Wore and that’s because it has been!

The past 6 months (and more) of my life have been absolute madness, thanks to the creation and launch of my newest internet baby, The Chic Canuck.

From the new added workload and stress I, like many new moms, had gained some baby weight, which, combined with winter and winter festivities, did not make me want to appear anywhere near the front side of a camera lens.


If you’ve been following along lately, you’ll have seen my #GCfit posts on the blog and on social that document my journey while getting back into shape with the help of my nutritionist and trainer, Jessica Morris.

Not only did Jess help me shed 10 pounds extremely quickly, but I feel better than I have in ages with tons more energy — which I never have! And look at me now, not only am I in front of the camera for a What I Wore but i’m even baring some skin!

While I’ve still got work to do and a ways to go to hit my #GCfit goals, it makes me happy to feel good about myself again.

So here’s to the return of What I Wore! Woohoo!


I’m super excited to share this look as my first spring post because it features my favourite new piece that I picked up while shooting in Lisbon (one of the main reasons I needed to get back into shape and fast) from a great boutique called Veronique. Naturally it was love at first site when I picked up this oversized moto jacket, and handed over my credit card once I learned it was also designed by an up-and-coming Portuguese designer name Diogo Miranda. I mean, can you think of a better souvenir to take back to Canada? I certainly can’t!


It’s a perfect piece to throw over just about anything, including my t-shirt and leather skirt uniform.

Of course I’d never leave the house without a big ol’ pair of sunglasses on, and lately I haven’t been able to take off this pair by Saint Laurent that I recently got from SmartBuyGlasses.ca.

If you haven’t checked out the e-shop already, you definitely should — especially with the warmer and sunnier months upon us! SmartBuyGlasses.ca is a great online source for deals on designer sunglasses (seriously, the range is crazy!) and super fast shipping. I had these ones in my hand just days after click the ‘Buy Now’ button.


So throw on your shades, throw on your whites — spring/summer weather is in full bloom!

What I Wore: Sunglassess by Saint Laurent from SmartBuyGlasses.ca, Jacket by Diogo Miranda from Veronique Boutique in Lisbon, Vintage Skirt, Snakeskin Top by KAIN, Purse by Chanel, Runners by Nike.

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