Well, it snowed in Toronto this weekend! To be honest, I kind of love it when the city gets hit with a blizzard, especially the first one of the season. Everyone freaks out and the city practically shuts down, it’s almost like there are no rules for a brief moment, and everyone runs wild through the streets (but mainly because we can’t see the sidewalks).

Even though crazy snowstorms make me want to dust of my Uggs and cover myself in the coziest, chunkiest knits, you can’t show up to places looking a mess when you’ve got places to go and people to see! Also, I generally try to minimize the chances of people witnessing the fact that I do wear Uggs, sometimes.


To be fair, this outfit isn’t exactly what I’d reach for if I were about to trek across town by foot in a blizzard (mainly because the boots of choice have zero traction) but, with the adequate transportation involved, I would and I did.

What this outfit taught me is that you can really jazz up a fairly classic outfit by topping it off with a statement red hat! Especially if it happens to match the colour of your pooch’s collar. It also reminded me that leather leggings really are the best things to ever happen to Canadian closets.


What I Wore: Red Hat, Quilted Gloves, Shearling Moto Coat, and Leather Leggings  all by Danier

(All images by Quill &  Tine)

 What’s your favourite way to add a pop of chic to your winter wardrobe? Leave a comment and let me know!



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