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Just the other day I was thinking about the fact that although the term “arm party” is relatively new, my love for wearing stacks of bracelets all at once has been a signature part of my style for a very long time. Even back in Grade 7 when I was obsessed with rave culture (though I had never stepped foot inside a rave) I used to spend all of my allowance at the bead stores along Queen West and make endless bracelets out of colourful wooden and plastic beads. Naturally, I wore them all at once. In fact (if I recall correctly) at the time it almost felt like a competition amongst my friends to see who could wear the most bracelets at one time. While I may have grown out of loving “rave fashion” and wooden beads, my love for bracelets still remains strong.


When ALEX AND ANI approached me to try some of their new pieces, my answer was a fast yes. I mean, ALEX AND ANI is heaven for anyone who loves to layer jewellery as much as I do. Now available in Canada, the brand offers everything from bracelets (obviously) to earrings, necklaces and even handbags. With the gift-giving season upon us, ALEX AND ANI also provide an affordable way to give jewellery that you can customize to suit the personalities of your friends and family with their vast array of charms, colours and crystals.


With holiday party season in full swing, I felt that the new ALEX AND ANI Retro Glam and Holiday 2015 collections would get the most use at this time of year. As their website states, the ALEX AND ANI Retro Glam collection invites you to “Welcome the romance of the holiday season with pieces that glitter like the lights” which I think is totally on point for the season since I can never say no to some good ol’ holiday bling. To really hit it home, I added in a snowflake charm bracelet with the Arctic Chill Bangle Stack to celebrate the winter season. That’s right, I actually like winter and, yes, I really am that Canadian.


As you can see, an ALEX AND ANI arm party fits into my style seamlessly and certainly adds a nice bit of festive flare to kick off What I Wore in December. I love that they’re easy to wear, easy to layer, and very light on your wrist so you don’t feel weighed down no matter how many bracelets you choose to pile on *wink wink*.

To explore more from ALEX AND ANI, click HERE.

ALEX AND ANI retro glam

What I Wore: vintage fringe shawl, ALEX AND ANI retro glam cluster, ALEX AND ANI Arctic Chill Bangle stack, Chanel bag, ring from Gilding The Lily.




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