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It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year since we inherited our little Calico cat, Emmy, and welcomed her into our home at #CasaGC. In some ways it feels like we’ve had her forever, and in others it feels as though we’ve had her for no time at all. One thing is for sure: she has changed our lives for the better, forever.

Before Emmy, my boyfriend Josh and I used to argue over what kind of pet we should adopt. As dog lovers, we were both interested in adopting a rescue dog, but agreed that our busy schedules would make it almost impossible for us to care for one properly. I suggested adopting a cat multiple times for the lovability and ease of care, but Josh turned down the idea over and over – he wanted a dog, or no animal at all.

Oh how things changed once we accepted a friend’s offer to see if we’d like to adopt his cat Emmy, who wasn’t getting along so well with his other cat, Oscar. We agreed on a one-month trial just before Christmas last year to see if it was something that was going to work for us, and Emmy of course. I’d say it took about one day from her moving in for us to know that she would never leave. Personally, I was worried that Josh wouldn’t warm to her, but the opposite happened and she melted his heart the second her little paws crawled up onto his lap for a snuggle by the fire.

emmy #treatyourpet

Today, you won’t find a picture on Josh’s phone that doesn’t include Emmy. That’s right, he’s turned into a crazy cat man, and we all love it.

Now that the holiday season has rolled around again, we’ve both begun feeling a little sentimental that it’s Emmy’s 1 year anniversary with us, and wondered how we can make her feel a extra special this Christmas. After all, I truly believe that involving pets and treating them at this time of year is something that everyone should do – I mean, they would if they could, which is exactly why we should all show our pets how much we care by treating them throughout the holiday season.

The holidays are a time of year when us humans get to enjoy treats, and this is an important experience for pets too. Of course every pet is different, but our girl Emmy isn’t really one for toys. In fact, her favourite game is called ‘String‘ which, you guessed it, involves playing with a piece of string. When it comes to food, however, that’s when she gets really excited, and we love to treat her to the best food that makes her happy inside and out. Naturally, this holiday season the best and easiest way for us to get her involved in the festivities, and treat her to some presents, is by gifting her tasty treats – a favourite of all pets!

While this time of year can be stressful for everyone financially, that’s no reason to deprive your animals of the love and attention they need and deserve. There’s many ways to show your pets you care throughout the year and one great way is by purchasing them tasty treats. To make it even easier to bond with your pets and show them how much you care this holiday season, I’ve teamed up with Temptations to make sure one lucky reader gets a mega #TreatYourPet package to spoil your cat rotten and make them purr with joy!

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Good luck everyone! And Don’t forge to treat your pets this holiday season!!



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