Me, my varsity and my brogues – my favourite combo right now when it comes to a cute and comfortable look! I’ve always been attracted to anything with a “collegiate” vibe, but obviously the varsity is the jacket to have this season. I really lucked out when I found this one brand new and on sale for 7 euros at a crazy vintage store called Le Freak & Chic that’s around the corner from my brother’s house in Dusseldorf, Germany. The brogues are by Hudson and I bought them at Poste Mistress in London over a year ago. Since I tend to wear heels over flats, and wasn’t sure if the brogue really suited me, I neglected these shoes for a long time. That is until I woke up one morning and decided to take out the laces – instantly they became a lot cooler and more wearable to me. Even my mom said sans laces was a vast improvement –  ”less librarian” she said! Here are my notes on this look: The boyfriend varsity is the jacket for fall 2. Bye bye ballet flats! Try boyish brogues 3. Leather/pleather pants are a fashion essential.

What I Wore: Vintage varsity jacket, long sleeve cotton tee by Mimi & Coco from 290 ION Fashion, pleather leggings, brogues by Hudson, purple leather envelope clutch by Mogil from Fashionably Yours.