Who the hell doesn’t love vintage Vogue covers? They are the best! One of the greatest things about interning at Teen Vogue was heading down to the Conde Nast library where the hallway leading up to its doors was lined with enlarged vintage covers – it was such an incredible way to see them. Fashionista put together 10 of the best from the past 120 years. Not so sure on all ten of their selects but there are definitely some amazing ones in there. See below to view the ones I love most, and click HERE to view their full feature.

08-vogue-covers-620x809 02-vogue-covers-620x872 09-vogue-covers-620x814 10-vogue-covers-620x814 11-vogue-covers-620x826 13-vogue-covers-620x808 17-vogue-covers-620x809