While my style has always been a bit ghetto-fab and sporty, this look makes me laugh because I can’t help but be reminded of Lana Del Rey (minus those puffy lips and that oh-so-wide-eyed look). Even though I might disagree with her claims of “natural beauty,” there’s no doubt the girl and I share a mutual love for Veronica Lake, bling and anything with a varsity vibe. Not to mention a good pair of shades!

This outfit is comprised mainly of two great pieces I found from a new and vintage shopping site called Shoppalu that’s run by two of my girlfriends. The army green racer-back maxi was found in the new section, on sale for $10.

From what I said earlier, you can probably guess why I was attracted to the light denim baseball hoodie with its creamy cotton sleeves. Surprisingly, it was one of Shoppalu’s vintage finds — who knew?

The sunglasses are the most sentimental part of my outfit, because they were a Valentine’s Day gift from my friend DJ Lazy Ray back when we used to throw a weekly basement party. Over the course of working together, I’d expressed my extreme jealousy over his Gucci sunglasses that I had been longing for all summer but never managed to save up enough to buy (this may come as a surprise to you, but I am known for my supreme shopping and spending skills, not saving).

Anyway, on this particular day, Ray pulled out the glasses and said, “I want you to have these. I never wear them because they’re too flashy for me, but that makes them perfect for you.” And that’s the true story of how I got my beloved Gucci sunglasses! That Ray is really something else.

Looking at these shots of the outfit, I still can’t shake that I look like a Lana Del Rey knock-off. Which is kind of why I love it. I mean, there’s even a retro silver tour bus that happened to be in the background! Perhaps I am destined to start the first-ever Lana Del Rey cover band. Coming soon to a city near you. Look out!

What I Wore: Gucci sunglasses, vintage baseball hoodie from Shoppalu, maxi dress from Shoppalu, shoes from Aldo Rise x Preen.

All images by Sara Traore, hair by Ronnie at SheShe Beauty.

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