Watch out Toronto, there’s a new food trend on the rise and it could be overtaking tacos. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh my god, not the taco!” Food Trucks are on the rise (seriously, there’s even a whole site dedicated to them) and the latest to hit the streets is Gourmet Bitches. These girls held a tasting at The Boiler House last night and, fear not, there was a taco-esque tostada involved.

The menu consisted of some more traditional Food Truck “junk food” while the other half was comprised of yummy healthy greens. That’s not to say that everything was unhealthy because all of their dishes were gluten-free!

Check out their menu in detail below:

1. The Lavender Saketini: I’m not one for sweet cocktails but this drink was so delicious. Made from Sake, Lavender Syrup and Prosecco, there was just a hint of sweetness from the Lavender that made these super easy to go down. A great summer time drink for sure.

2. Pepper Rub Chicken Wings: I sure do love a good ol’ chicken wing, and these ones did not disappoint. Made with a pepper rub and served with tequila BBQ sauce, lemon aioli, and spicy mango dipping sauces. I tried mine with the tequila bbq and it was sooo good.

3. Cuban Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Fries: Considering this photo is of a half empty fry box, I guess you could say I like this one? Ps. I’m pretty sure the fries were actually made of yams, making them even more tasty and (hopefully) healthy.

4. Tamrin Beef Steak Sandwich with Gluten Free Bread: This came with the option to either have a gluten-free baguette or bun. Like most gluten-free breads, the bun was quite dense and not the best for soaking up greasy meats. Personally, I would have preferred a softer, crappier, unhealthier bun, so to solve this problem I just ate the meat.

5. Mahi Mahi and Shrimp Ceviche: This was quite a sophisticated choice for a Food Truck, but I can’t say that it was my favourite. It was quite tangy and might have benefitted from being made with tuna instead of shrimp. Still, I think this would be a great option form a Food Truck on a hot summer day.

6. Kale & Arugula Salad: I am obsessed with both Kale and Arugula so this salad got me beyond excited. Considering how much I love spicy food, I couldn’t believe that one little harmless salad could make my eyes water. Then I realised that what I thought were shaved almonds, were actually shaved pieces of toasted garlic. I think the amount that is served with this salad really needs to be re-considered. Props for the raw kale though!

7. Balinese Chicken on Corn Tostada: See, a little baby (kinda) taco! These were yum but too much sour cream for me. But that’s probably because I really don’t like sour cream.

Gourmet Bitches will be taking over Toronto streets soon, watch out for them!