When I walked out of the bathroom after changing into this outfit, Dave’s brother, Ray, said “you look like you’re going to the prom!” I wasn’t sure how to take that comment, but I felt like smacking myself on the head for not wearing something like this to my prom (I wore a LBD).

So, the FINAL LOOK from my What I Wore collaboration with the extremely talented David Gillespie, waaaah! Dave really pushed me to “get sexy” for this series and I’m glad he did, I love each and every set of our photos!

Would you believe that this “prom outfit” is 100% vintage pieces? The black lace bustier is from the collection of Glam Granny’s vintage lingerie that I recently inherited, the Moschino belt a treasure found in a London charity shop. The skirt? ESCADA! Found at The Salvation Army on HALF PRICE DAY!!! It’s about a million sizes too big and has seen better days, but, can you complain at $1.50? Don’t think so.

What I Wore: Vintage lace bustier, vintage Moschino belt, vintage Escada skirt, necklace from Dave’s closet.

All images by David Gillespie, hair by Ronnie at SheShe Beauty