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Sometimes who you know really does help. Like when you’re scrambling to figure out what to wear for a live TV segment happening in under 24 hours, and reach out to a talented local designer that you’ve met once before to see if they might dress you. Shooting an email to an almost complete stranger with an urgent wardrobe request can be risky for a few reasons, especially when you’ve got a tight deadline. 1. They may never respond. 2. A collection might not be available or 3. They could flat out say no. Thankfully, the extremely lovely and talented Jennifer Torosian was quick to respond and welcomed me into her studio with open arms. In under 10 minutes I had picked out and tried on the dress (above) that I wore on my latest FLARE Localist segment on Breakfast Television Toronto last Friday, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her generosity, and the chance to support an up-and-coming Canadian womenswear designer that I love. Thank you, Jennifer!

And in case you missed Friday’s live segment, click HERE to watch the recording!

gracie carroll breakfast television toronto

Featured brands from this segment include:

1. Shinola Detroit‘s new Toronto store at Queen and Ossington

2. Kaia Naturals new natural charcoal deodorant sticks

3. Ela FW16 fanny packs (featured in the August issue of FLARE)

4. Muttonhead‘s new Beaches store location

5. The Tuck Shop Co. x BATHER swimsuit collection

Happy shopping, Toronto!



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