It turns out that Toronto and Quebec City have more in common than I thought, especially when it comes to weather patterns. On my recent weekend getaway in Quebec’s most beautiful city, I endured -30 temperatures on Saturday and then only -1 on Sunday. Considering I’m so Canadian I think -1 is a spring-like temperature in the middle of winter, naturally I decided to leave my coat at the hotel and wear a layered look with my oversized quilted cotton moto jacket by Obey instead.



Since -1 is hardly T-shirt under a jacket weather, I was sure to layer up well with a long sleeve cotton tee from Old Navy and cashmere sweater from Bird in Brooklyn. The scarf was a birthday gift from my brother that’s made from 100% yak wook and is incredible warm.


Accessories wise, I also added two of my favourite new items: the Jimmy Choo sunglasses and mini purse from their store opening at Yorkdale in Toronto. Even though I own a million oversized bags, I actually prefer to carry less when I can — often shoving my phone, cards and keys in my pocket — so a small and light bag like this one is perfect, especially for strolling a city on a lazy Sunday. Since there was so much snow (and slush) I was sure to wear my trusty Givenchy rain boots that have helped me get through three straight winters so far.


Last but not least, the jeans! These ones are by Yoga Jeans that I picked up at Jean Machine in the Eaton Centre while checking out their new renovation. Not only are they super comfy and great for travelling, but they’re made in Canada too!

More on my visit to Quebec City coming soon!




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