While staying at Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec City over the weekend for a press trip, I discovered one of the best travel beauty secrets there is. As you may have seen from my recent post about what I like to pack to stay compact but still bring the feeling of home to a hotel, there was a clear lack of exfoliator and/or body scrub. Since I was only going for a weekend, I thought I could live without it, and the bulk it would take up in small carry on luggage. But after a couple of nights filled with a lot of fun, food and wine, my skin was aching to be refreshed. At this point I remembered my friend Glenda saying something about sometimes using coffee grinds as an exfoliator, and then my mind jumped to the coffee beauty products I found at Atlas Espresso over the summer. I looked at the Nespresso pods next to the coffee maker in my room, and then to my trusty Soy Face Cleanser from fresh. Surely I could make this happen I thought, and so I did! What I came to discover was a super easy DIY that would be possible to make in practically any hotel room since they all come with some version of a coffee maker these days. The scrub itself was gentle and extremely effective, leaving my skin feeling softer than a baby’s bottom. The grinds even added a faint glow! Here’s how to make your own Hotel DIY Coffee Scrub:

diy coffee scrub

What You Need:

- Coffee grinds from a coffee bag or pod

- A face cleanser or gentle soap

DIY Coffee Bean Scrub - GracieCarroll.com 2

What To Do:

What’s great about this scrub is that you really don’t need much to make it. Put a quarter sized drop of cleanser into your palm and slowly rub in the coffee grinds little by little until you get the consistency of a nice exfoliator. You really don’t need all of the grinds from a packet, but you could definitely mix the rest with a good soap or cleanser for a great full body scrub!

diy coffee face scrub - graciecarroll.com

When ready (this should take approx 10 seconds) apply the scrub to your face in circular motions and cover your face and neck. You’ll notice the scrub looks like a self tanner when applied which is why I believe it leaves you with a slight glow afterwards. Once scrubbed, simply wash off as normal. You may want to use a wash cloth at the end just to make sure you’re able to clean off any remaining grinds, and also because using a warm wash cloth is always good for a deep cleanse. Then you’re done! Tone and moisturize as normal afterwards. Trust me, your skin will look and feel amazing!




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