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Although friends like to joke that I’m a “Martha Stewart in the kitchen”, it is, in fact, Lady Gwyneth Paltrow who holds my heart when it comes to picture perfect blondes in the kitchen. While she is one of the most equally loved and hated celebrities in the world (as explained in this Fast Company article), I happen to be on team LOVE GP for multiple reasons.

First of all, her company GOOP has been a huge inspiration for my newest project, The Chic Canuck, which I like to refer to as an All-Canadian and less pretentious version of the infamous website. Of course she is tall, blonde, gorgeous and lean – many things I will never be – but most of all I can’t help but love Gwyneth’s style and enthusiasm for life in the kitchen, which is something I most definitely share.

Unsurprisingly, I do not have endless of amounts of dough in the bank from a long career as a busy Oscar-winning actress, and so my shopping habits tend to be vastly more conservative than those of Gwyneth. And yet, if you read my last article on Getting My Coupon Queen On with RetailMeNot Canada, my bargain-hunting ways have always helped me achieve the acquisition of luxe goods on a dime.

Since my last hunt with RetailMeNot Canada lead me to find a coveted red braising pot by the high-end French brand, Staub, and stainless steel lasagna try from All-Clad, both on sale for a total savings of nearly $300 CAD, I decided to team up with them again to see what other bargains I could find for #CasaGC. Better yet? This time we’re offering YOU the chance to WIN a $200 Visa gift card to score a deal through yourself! Keep reading for more info.


Although offers daily deals on everything from fashion to travel, including brands and shops such as Urban Outfitters and, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the The Bay‘s offer once again. While anyone can take advantage of Bay Days while the sale is on, I only realized the sale was on when I went to RetailMeNot Canada’s website and saw the offer. What I love about The Bay’s offers is that they can be used in-store or online, so while I used the website to browse, I was able to go in-store to make my final decision before the sale ended.

For this challenge I decided to take advantage of the the Bay Days sale I found through RetailMeNot to upgrade the #CasaGC kitchen with a new convection oven from Cuisinart that was on sale for 25% off. In a household for two, we hardly ever have the need to use our full oven and love the convenience of a small counter-top oven. Since we’ve had an old toaster oven that’s come close to blowing up our home more than a couple of times, I thought a newer version was in order, and was thrilled to save  a whopping $80 off my purchase.

If you, like me, are ready to get your Coupon Queen on, find out how to enter the $200 gift card to go deal hunting below!

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All you have to do to enter to WIN is:

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