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Like most people with wavy to curly hair, my strands tend to be on the dry side and I regularly struggle with finding the right solution to give it the moisture it needs. When Kerastase PARIS asked me to join them at Brennen Demelo Studio in downtown Toronto to try their new Fusio-Dose customizable treatments, I jumped at the chance to see what it could do for my mane.

What caught my attention about Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose was the ability to pin-point two problem areas to focus on, and combine two Fusio-Dose products to combat both issues at once. The new in-salon treatment allows clients to choose from the new range of 4 concentrates and 5 boosters that can be combined to personalize 20 different Fusio-Dose combinations.

Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose

The Concentrates options include Concentre Pixelist for intensification of radiance, Concentre Oleo-Fusion for instant nutrition and softness, Concentre Vita-Ciment for in-depth reconstruction, and Concentre Densifique for immediate densification. These Concentrates can be combined with the Boosters which include Booster Brillance for 5 times for radiance, Booster Densite where the finer is intesenly texturized, Booster Reconstruction for 50% less breakages during brushing, Booster Nutrition for 3 times more nutrition, and Booster Discipline for 72-hour anti frizz, 72 hour smoothness and anti-humidity.

Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose

Naturally I chose to go with a nourishing treatment that would not only help moisturize my hair, but help increase shine too. My stylist, Jasmine, was super helpful with recommending the right Kerastase products and treatments for my hair, and, of course, providing a super sleek blowout too.

Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose

If you are a fan of Kerastase’s high-quality hair products and have been in search of a great hair treatment that can be tailored to your exact needs, I highly recommend booking in to try a Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose treatment for yourself as soon as possible – my hair has never looked or felt smoother and healthier!

Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose


Thank you Kerastase!





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