Considering my cat’s nickname is ‘Emmy Crawford‘ (real name: Emmy Carroll), inspired by supermodel (and one of my personal favourites), Cindy Crawford, it should come as no surprise that I always want the best for my furry feline to maintain her beauty (she’s the most beautiful cat in the whole world, obviously!) and health.

Recently I learned of the benefits of mixed feeding cats, and how it can improve their overall health and happiness, and I was instantly intrigued. Apparently, wet food contains fewer calories than dry food, and helps pets maintain a healthy body weight. On the other hand, dry food is a concentrated energy source, and its crunchy texture helps maintain your pet’s oral health. Thankfully we don’t actually have to choose one or the other, and incorporating wet food into your pet’s diet is a great way to offer a variety of tastes while maximizing health benefits.


My cat Emmy is a tiny cat. She is small and snobby – always choosing the fanciest, most expensive things to sleep on, like my cashmere sweaters and any fur items, so long as they’re real – so I could immediately tell that we would both agree that a mix of the best of the best (aka dry and wet foods) would be the best choice for her, and her health!

Even though gaining (some) weight is something I often want her to do (because she’s so small and lean), you don’t actually have to worry about wet food causing your pet to gain wet if it’s properly integrated into their diet. In fact, if it’s slowly introduced, it will actually cause your pet to ingest fewer calories while simultaneously increasing the health benefits of their meals.

By the way, did you know that wet food has numerous health benefits, including reducing urinary tract infections? Probably not, because apparently only 23% of Canadians know this. At least now we do, right? Yay!

If mixed feeding cats is of interest to you but you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of how to feed them properly, stop right now. To be honest, there isn’t an official ‘right way’ to start a mixed feeding diet, and as long as your pet is getting a combination of both, they will reap the benefits and be loving life! At least, so I’ve heard.


Today is Day 1 of Emmy Crawford’s new mixed feeding diet where she’ll be enjoying the ‘Meaty Selections‘ dry food by WHISKAS, separately combined with a variety of flavours of their ‘Perfect Portions‘ wet food. Shout out to the person who was smart enough to create perfectly portioned packs of wet food, I appreciate you so much for making all of our lives that much easier.

This summer, why not join Emmy and I in the switch over to a mixed feeding diet and see what the results are for yourself? Even with 30% of us Canadian pet owners taking our pets on vacation, there’s really no excuse not to bring food for a mixed diet when each one is just as portable as the other.

So, it’s time to get started! As you can see Emmy is already digging in. I’m sure your feline friend will be just as into it.

Best of luck!



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