Why I Love The New Equinox Yorkville - Gracie Carroll

Over the past year, my #GCfit fitness journey has taken me down all kinds of roads – high ones, low ones, weird ones – and honestly, it’s been everything from working out with celebrity trainers and feeling like I’m on top of the world to feeling totally lost in a Bieber-themed dance class.

One thing that definitely constitutes as a gym-life highlight is the chance to work with Equinox as one of their #EQXambassadors here in Toronto. Equinox is like the Ferrari of gyms, and I’m so happy that they now have two locations in Toronto, that includes the recent opening of Equinox Yorkville.

As a new member (and ambassador) I wanted to share some reasons why I love the new Equinox Yorkville, since I’ve been spending so much time there as of late. Here we go:

Why I Love The New Equinox Yorkville - Gracie Carroll

1. It’s glam AF

- Seriously, this place is an Instagrammers dream with it’s open-concept modern space, filled with white marble slab galore and fabulous mid-century style furniture in the lounge areas.

2. Cold Eucalyptus towels

- I cannot event begin to explain how obsessed I am with the cold eucalyptus towels at Equinox. These refreshing damp towels are neatly rolled up and stored in a small fridge so you can grab one whenever you need a little cool down at the gym. As you can see from the image above with my friend Cory Lee, we’ve taken the neck scarf trend to the next level by tying the cooling towels around our necks.

3. Julian Ho

- Just last week I very openly expressed my deep and undying love for Julian Ho in this Q&A feature, and I couldn’t be happier to get to work out a gym where he regularly teaches classes. If you have not trie done of his classes yet, I highly recommend that you do. They are a total game-changer.

Why I Love The New Equinox Yorkville - Gracie Carroll

4. Eva Redpath

- The list of trainers at Equinox is incredibly impressive (they undoubtedly have the best in the city) and that most definitely includes the beautiful Eva Redpath. Once scroll through Eva’s instagram and you’ll quickly see why she is a huge inspiration in and outside of the studio.

5. Michael Decorte

- I had the pleasure of being introduced to JOCK YOGA a couple of year’s ago through a media fitness event. Trainer Michael Decorte‘s modified version of yoga (for jocks) really resonated with me because as much as I love yoga (and it benefits) I am not the most flexible person. He proves that you can incorporate yoga into your life no matter what type of workouts your body is used to.

6. The Pursuit

- I’ve been spinning for a long time (since I was a teenager) and I’m not afraid to say that it can get boring. When I heard about the new spin class at Equinox called The Pursuit, I was unsure of if I would be into it or not. But let me tell you, this class is AMAZING. To give you an idea, the entire wall behind the instructor is turned into a projection screen, and your bike connects to a small spinning circle on the screen. You’re able to see how fast you’re going and how much resistance you have on your bike in comparison to everyone else. You’re also set up to race against each other individually, and as teams. It is so fun that the class felt like it flew by and left you dripping in sweat.

7. BAE class

- The Best Abs Ever class, or BAE for short, is unlike any abs class I’ve ever experienced before. In most ab focused classes, you imagine yourself on a mat, crunching your little heart out for 20-30 minutes, but not in this class. The majority of the time you’re on your feet and focusing on all different types of movements that challenge your mobility, stability and strength. If you’re pressed for time, try this 30-minute workout that will work more than just your abs.


- When I first asked Julian about his METCON3 class and if I should come, he was very enthusiastic about my attendance, but warned that that class is “very hard”. Considering I already find his classes quite challenging, I was nervous at first, but packed my gym bag and headed for his Saturday morning class last weekend. Yes it was challenging, yes it was hard, but boy was it fun. Plus, there’s nothing like some hip hop blaring through the speakers to keep you going when you think you can go any more.

9. Kiehl’s in the bathroom

- Most of the gyms and studios I’ve been to offer no-name soap and lotion for guests to use in their change rooms, but not at Equinox. No, this amazing gym is filled with Kiehl’s products galore and it makes me absolutely giddy every time I take a shower after my workout. I love it!!

10. IQ foods

- I am not someone who can’t eat after workout. I am always STARVING. After a sweat session at Equinox, I love sitting down at the huge marble island in the entrance of Equinox Yorkville, opening up my laptop, and ordering one of the healthy bowls from IQ Foods and a piping hot Americano. It’s one of the best places in the city to play office for a couple of hours, and enjoy a good meal.

Why I Love The New Equinox Yorkville - Gracie Carroll

11. The Yoga Studio

- Normally I try to incorporate Yoga into my workout routine at least once a week. For me, it’s a chance to slow down and reset, and I love doing so in a bright, light-filled space. The yoga studio at Equinox Yorkville offers exactly that, and it keeps me coming back over and over.

12. Friendly Faces

- I guess it’s not too surprising that glam people in the city enjoy going to a glam gym too, and so far I’ve had the pleasure of running into many friends and familiar faces at Equinox including celebrity chefs, socialites and local fashion royalty.


For more info on Equinox Yorkville please click HERE.



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