Ever since we first saw the movie Clueless, we’ve studied the outfits of Cher Horowitzand wondered how we could emulate each and every one of them. For nearly two decades, we (like most girls who grew up in the ’90s) have wondered: where can we get a dress that looks like underwear too? Do I look like a farmer in these clothes?

Let’s not forget the accessories. Long and hard have we worked to replace our normal stationary with sparkly pencils and pink fur pens. Back when only the elite had flip phones, Cher further enhanced our envy by sporting a clear plastic and gold-chain cell phone bag to her gym class.

Finally we’ve found something nearly as cool. Local designer Eliza Kozurno has created an eco-friendly (and bejeweled) iPhone bag that comes in black or white.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late to resurrect the valley girl inside of you.

$89. Available at Indiegogo

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