pizza love card

When you think of brightening up someone’s day, we often think of classic gifts along the lines of chocolates, flowers, or a bottle of bubbles. But this fall, you’ve got the chance to surprise someone you love with a box of delicious fresh pizza delivered to their door.

While it may be a different approach to conventional gifting, the reality is, pretty much everyone loves pizza. And who wouldn’t love a surprise pizza to show up at their doorstep?

Right now until November 1st 2015, Visa Canada and Pizza Pizza are offering a special opportunity to celebrate the addition of Visa Checkout to ordering Pizza Pizza online or through the ordering app. Anytime over the next month everyone who orders online at or through the Pizza Pizza smartphone ordering app using Visa Checkout will automatically receive a code for a FREE medium two topping pizza!

So who would you share your free code with? After ordering Pizza Pizza using Visa Checkout, I decided to send my free code to my cousin and best friend Hana. Why? Well, for one thing, she’s someone who loves pizza more than anyone else I know, and she’s been working her tail off over the past few months and was definitely deserving of a surprise treat.

gracie and hana

Here’s a picture of us together 6 years ago from when I was visiting Toronto while I was living in the UK. It’s been so much fun to be back home and get to hang out with Hana on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis!

pizza pizza visa checkout

Now this is just how good my Friday night looked when Pizza Pizza and Visa Checkout got involved. If you haven’t tried Visa Checkout before, you seriously need to! It is an online checkout service that allows everyone to securely store their shipping and payment information without ever having to re-enter the information when shopping online. With Visa Checkout, you simply enter your username and password, and click a button to complete the purchase. Trust me, if you’re a fan of the convenience of apps like Uber, you’ll love this checkout feature too.

So are you ready to make someone’s day #BetterWithPizza or what? Click HERE for more info on how to use Visa Checkout to get your free code for a medium two topping pizza today.




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