It’s hard to believe we’re already talking about the October issue of FLARE but here we are! Smack in the middle of September, and there’s a heat wave in Toronto, oddly. In this month’s issue of Flare, the October Localist section for Toronto features one of my favourite up-and-coming designers in the city – Mary Young.

What I love about Mary is her cool, contemporary and laid back approach to lingerie and lounge wear design. If you’re looking for girly prints, lace and lots of frill, well, look away. This line is not for you. But if you’re a tomboy at heart with some major sex appeal, then this what you’ve been waiting for all along. Check out the Toronto localist feature on Mary Young in FLARE’s October Issue below!

flare october 2015

To learn more about Mary Young, click HERE to read our Q&A with the talented designer on The Chic Canuck!

Gracie carroll breakfast television

And click HERE to watch my Flare Localist segment on Breakfast Television for the October Issue!




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