Do you ever find yourself skipping over some of your favourite clothes  - perhaps designer pieces, or silk – when getting dressed for work, in fear of those dreaded sweat stains throughout the day and more dry cleaning bills? Michelle Shemilt did, and noticed that her Bay Street colleagues did too.

With no previous background in the fashion industry (aside from a bit of modelling) the Torontonian decided to dive right into a fashion venture that would provide a solution and “add an extra layer of confidence to women’s wardrobes.”

Her line, Nudy Patooty, is a basic undershirt line made from 95% supple bamboo fabrics, with an added 5% of spandex to maintain a form fit. With an added layer of protection in the underarm, the undershirts are anti-odour, 3x more absorbent than cotton and regulate your body temperature.

I think that any gal on the go can relate to Michelle’s experience and spot the need for this type of undergarment in their own wardrobe. Today Nudy Patooty’s crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo launched and I strongly encourage you to check it out and contribute if you feel inclined to do so. Your support through Indiegogo will also provide you with the opportunity to snap up Nudy Patooty tops in black or nude for the reduced price of $35 from the regular $50.

After trying on some of Michelle’s samples I can say that the fits are great and the fabrication is very soft and comfortable. Although I have yet to test out the product for an extended period of time, I feel confident that it would provide the extra protection and “layer of confidence” that she promises. Most importantly though, we have to support our young female entrepreneurs in this city and country. This girl deserves a pat on the back for being courageous enough to leave her Bay Street job and pursue her dream. Good luck Michelle and Nudy Patooty!


For more information please visit and Indiegogo