1. So Trish (foller her on Twitter, she wants love!) did these Evil Eye nails on both hands all. by. her. self. can you believe it? This is a picture of her showing of her awesome new nails and cool new necklace from Philistine. Did you know that I too am obsessed with the Evil Eye and also have basically that exact same necklace from Philistine? TWINS!


2. When she’s not painting her nails, Trish works as a PR assistant for a pretty cool lady. Last week they held an event for Converse at the Germain Hotel where they treated attendees to some cool Converse nail art by Wow Wow Nails! I love having matching BBF nails. TWINS!

3. After a couple of days my nails started to chip. Since I couldn’t locate any nail polisher remover at the house party I was attending on Saturday night (doesn’t everyone do their nails at parties?), I decided to add a curved French mani to cover up my busted tips. This blinged out iphone case totally brings out the ghetto fab in my nails, don’t you agree?