Yesterday morning, my friend Dee literally bumped into me on a packed streetcar as she was trying to make her way to the exit doors. As I looked up at her “all dazed and confused” to use her words, she asked me what adventures I would be getting up to that day. I explained that I had nothing planned except for catching up on a lot of work. Looking a bit disappointed at my answer, she said she would be following my tweets in case that changed as she ran off the car.

Sure enough, a few hours later I got a call about pencilling in an urgent business meeting. I’m offered two choices: a regular business meeting in the afternoon, or a business meeting that night that would take place during a car ride to Guelph and wrap up by attending the Zed’s Dead show with AraabMuzik and XI.

I’m not really a fiend for the dubstep, but, obviously, I chose the latter option. Why not, right?

Here is Christian (aka XI), Big Boss Man’s brother, who lives in Berlin and is currently the opening DJ on this (not so) itty bitty 49-date North American tour. This is him warming up the crowd last night, check out this nice little interview with him below:

These are some “staff pictures” I found on the cork board in the green room. Scary is all I can say…

Next up was AraabMuzik who was pretty insane to watch live in action. Never have I seen hands move so fast for that long. See him at work in the video below:

Here is Boss Man back in the green room opening up his beer off a table. In a Guelph green room you may not get a bottle opener, but you will get some classy fruit and vegetable platters!

Then Zed’s Dead came on and every teenager and their neon tank top from the Guelph area showed up and tried MDMA for the first time. This was our cue to leave, and so we headed back to sleepy lil ol’ Monday night Toronto.