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Despite the fact that I’m currently sitting here writing this post with an injured shoulder that’s causing an intense discomfort throughout my body and stopping me from working out, I can normally be found bouncing around at different fitness classes almost every day. From my Classpass membership, role as an Adidas Canada Ambassador, and now an Equinox Canada Ambassador as well, my fitness schedule keeps me rather busy. With all the new classes I’ve been trying as of late, I was super excited when FLARE asked me to share my top picks for the best new fitness classes in Toronto.

Here’s my list of what’s new and hot in #the6ix aka my favourite new fitness classes in Toronto!

Best Abs Ever

Where: Equinox Yorkville, 55 Avenue Rd.,

The Vibe: Luxe and beautiful. Working out at Equinox is like going to a spa—except you sweat a lot more.

What It Is: A 30-minute class that will (finally) help achieve those summer abs I’ve been dreaming of? Count me in. This workout promises to chisel your core and ignite your metabolism.

My Experience: I went into this half-hour class thinking I wasn’t even going to break a sweat. I mean, how sweaty can you really get just doing a bunch of crunches, right? Wrong. To my surprise, we hardly spent any time on the floor and instead focused on a variety of plyometric moves to light the core on fire. I felt like I got double the workout in half the time.

The Sweat Factor: 4/5

my favourite new fitness classes in toronto - gracie carroll


Adidas’ Free Thursday Night Workout

Where: Totum Life Science, 455 King St. W.,

The Vibe: Everyone seems to be VERY serious about physical health at this gym, but the open-concept workout area gives it a chill atmosphere.

What It Is: Led by Master Trainer Julian Ho, this Ahtleticon class is totally killer and incorporates high cardio, plyometrics, resistance training and weights. Get ready for the best bootcamp of your life.

My Experience: Considering I work out almost every day of the week—and enjoy everything from bootcamp to boxing on the regular—I was expecting to get through Julian’s class with ease. But, oh, was I wrong. This guy is T-O-U-G-H (in the best way possible) and he made us all use 30-pound weights during the resistance portion of the class. Be prepared to sweat like you’re in a hot yoga class.

Sweat Factor: 5/5


my favourite new fitness classes in toronto - gracie carroll



Where: CrossfitYKV, 175 Avenue Rd.,

The Vibe: When I think of a CrossFit workout I think of it taking place in a dark cave with a lot of scary men around. A bright, luxe space in the heart of Yorkville is definitely not what I imagined, but it’s what got me to to try CrossFit for the first time.

What It Is: Even though CrossFit is nothing new, it’s a rather dude-focused workout that a lot of women are just starting to get into. As this new gym’s website puts it, CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.” Make sure you’ve got your game face on for this one.

My Experience:  This is not what I’d recommend if you’re new to weight training, but if you’re ready to take things to the next level, you should definitely check this out.

Sweat Factor: 5/5


my favourite new fitness classes in toronto - gracie carroll


Spokehaus 45

Where: Spokehaus, 70 Dan Leckie Wy.,

The Vibe: What Instagram dreams are made of. You would be the odd one out if you weren’t taking pictures of this bright and trendy gym—because why break a sweat if you can’t let everyone know about it, right?

What It Is: If you’ve heard of SoulCycle—the cult-like spin studio that has taken the U.S. by storm—and wished for it to come to Toronto, Spokehaus is your dream come true.

My Experience: Spokehaus is not only bright and beautiful, but the spin class is life-changing, and reminded me that spinning can actually be fun.

Sweat Factor: 4/5


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