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In many cases, I think women inherit their beauty routines from their mothers. Growing up, these are the women we watch every day and it’s inevitable that we would absorb their habits and routines when we are but little sponges soaking up every little bit of information we can get, especially when it relates to womanhood.

This always tends to feel especially true when I think of my own beauty habits, and my mother’s. My mom is many things – an amazing person, incredibly creative, and a successful entrepreneur – but a beauty pro she is not. As much as she loves high quality beauty and skincare products, she has never been one to spend hours in front of the mirror doing her hair, or her makeup. Her signature beauty look is a bold red lip, and there’s no question that she is the one who influenced my beauty staple as an adult.

My day-to-day beauty routine is very much the same as hers; I like to take care of my skin as best I can and don’t fuss too much with makeup.  On most days I’ll wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF, black mascara and red lipstick at the most. Anything beyond this simple and basic routine and I’m at a loss. I’ve never been one to have the patience or skill to create salon-worthy blowouts or trendy makeup looks on myself, especially at home.

But now that my career has evolved to include a fair amount of camera work, I’ve had to learn how to get camera ready for TV, on my own. That’s right, in most cases I am required to show up to set with hair and makeup ready, and completely left to my own devices.

Thankfully, I’ve been getting more and more compliments on my hair and makeup as of late – which goes to show that my practice has been helping to improve my skills – hooray! Now that I have a bit of a beauty routine for when I get camera ready for TV, I thought I’d let you in on a few of the tips and tricks I’ve learned, and rely on. So here they are:

Gracie Carroll - how i get camera ready - colgate

1. Less is not more when it comes to TV. More is always more.

- In general, I’m definitely a ‘less is more’ type of person, especially when it comes to makeup. But one thing I have learned about makeup for TV is that more is always more, and it’s needed. Even when I’ve felt like I had a mask on because of the amount of makeup on my face, it’s pretty incredible to see how natural it still looks on TV. When I do my own makeup for TV now, I always remember to enhance everything, and apply more than what seems necessary.

2. Get a pro blowout beforehand

- Unfortunately for me, no amount of practice has resulted in me being able to recreate a bouncy and glamourous blowout that I can get in a salon. When I have early TV segments, I make sure to book in for a blowout the night before, as late in the day as possible. Because I find hairspray can weigh down my hair and make it sticky, I always make sure the stylist goes easy on the products and I let them know I need my hair to look camera ready in the morning.

3. Strobing and Contouring are your friends

- Considering I am no makeup artist extraordinaire, “Strobing” and “Contouring” simply mean highlighting and defining in my world. I’ve found that these are essential to helping your face not look flat as a pancake on TV. I like to enhance what my mama gave me by using a bright pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, define my cheekbones with a good bronzer, and then highlight areas of my face where the lights will hit to create a flattering glow.

4. Go for the boldest of bold lipsticks

- Whenever I have attempted to wear a nice light pink lipstick on TV, I’ve immediately regretted it because it looked like I had no lipstick on at all. When I’m getting camera ready, especially for TV, I always make sure to apply (and pack!) my brightest and boldest red lipstick. I prefer to go with a matte lipstick rather than a gloss or shiny lipstick to make sure the colour stays in one place once it’s on my lips.

5. Nothing beats a bright white smile

It may seem obvious, but truly nothing beats a bright white smile when you’re on TV. I think that out of all of these tips, I would be willing to go on camera without any of the above so long as I knew I could smile with confidence. I’ve been a big fan of using Colgate* Optic White TM/MC products for as long as I can remember, and now rely on their whitening products quite heavily to maintain brighter and  whiter teeth. Seriously, with the amount of coffee I drink in a day, and my love for red wine, I need the help! I like to use the Colgate* Optic White* PlatinumTM/MC High Impact White TM/MC Toothpaste with the Colgate* Optic White* WhiteSeal TM/MC Mouthwash on a regular basis to keep up with maintenance, and will add in help from the Colgate* Optic White TM/MC Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen for whiter teeth in a pinch.


If you are venturing into the world of getting camera-ready on your own, I hope these tips will help you as much as they help me!




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