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I’ve never been able to resist a young Canadian pop star on the rise, which is why I’m very excited to share the news that up-and-comer Francesco Yates has teamed up with TELUS and MTV to remix his hit song ‘Call’ to create the social anthem of our generation. Together, the three heavyweights want to inspire young people to accept the call to change the world and start making a difference in their local communities.

As someone who loves to shed light on charitable initiatives and community involvement, my excitement for this program is only amplified with the involvement of music to inspire young people to get up and make a difference – all while having fun!

So now is your chance to join the #CallForChange and it’s easy! All it takes to be a part of Francesco Yates’ new music video is to share a video of yourself singing, dancing, or ‘jamming’ to the chorus of ‘Call‘ then upload your video to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CallForChange to submit.

And if you really want to get up-close and personal with Francesco Yates – you can! The talented Yates himself will be performing LIVE on We Day hosted across Canada on the following dates: Toronto on October 1st, Vancouver on October 21st, Alberta on October 27th, Ottawa on November 10th, Manitoba on November 16th and Saskatchewan on March 2nd.

At each performance across the country, Francesco will perform the #CallForChange at each stop of the Canadian We Day tour, where the new music video will also be featured. In case you’re not already familiar, We Day is an initiative of Free The Children – a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities.

Because TELUS is passionate about motivating young minds to create change through the power of technology (technology gives people a voice and an audience) with the help of Canadians, together they are helping to create a social anthem that will inspire youth to change the world. PLUS, for every video shared, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children.



So are you ready to take part or what!?

The final video will launch on October 1 at We Day Toronto and you’ve got from today until September 20th to participate, for more details on how to do that please head to

Here’s How It Works:

To share via Twitter – first upload a video of yourself singing, dancing or jamming to the chorus of ‘Call” to YouTube and then paste the link the space below. Again, make sure to use the hashtag #CallForChange!

To share via Instagram – upload your favourite 15 seconds using the hashtag #CallForChange – but be sure to keep the original video in case you’re chosen!

With the hope of including as many videos as possible, here are a few tips for when creating yours:

1. Use your phone or camera, the higher quality the better!

2. Don’t wear any logos or brands on your clothing

3. Get creative and be colourful!

4. And most importantly – have fun! We want to see your personality shine through

Don’t forget! For every video shared, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children, so get sharing!

Head to for more.




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