Since moving into #CasaGC nearly two years ago, it’s been my mission to turn our mini backyard oasis into a little urban farm. After all. you really don’t need that much space to grow your own fresh produce whether you have a patio, patch of grass or a balcony.

From sharing my posts on social media, I’ve learned that many people out there are also interested in starting their own urban farm, even when it’s starting with something as simple as a basil plant.

And really, when it comes down to it, I think it’s important to think that simply when it comes to any individual urban farm. Of course, a pet chicken and every vegetable available under the sun would be nice, but it’s not always realistic in a confined space. Even if you can start growing a few of your own fresh herbs is a wonderful place to start.


For whatever reason, the #CasaGC urban farm has been cobbled together with many different pots and planters. Mainly because the actual garden had been filled with beautiful perennials before we took over and we didn’t want to remove any of them once we got there. Instead, we started to slowly but surely fill up almost every free inch of space on our patio and porch to cater to our attempt at an urban farm.

When Micro Pro Sienna approached me about incorporating one of their custom planters into the mix, I was more than welcoming to the idea. I mean, anything to condense the outrageous amount of pots we have accumulated would be a good thing!

Micro Pro Sienna is a Canadian company is known for their environmentally friendly pressure treated wood product for outdoor building projects, such as planters. A great perk of their wood is that it releases significantly less copper into the soil than the pressure treated alternative, making it a better choice for an urban farm.


For my mini home they created a mini planter – one that I thought would be perfect to re-plant all of the little baby kale plants I’d bought late in the season that were having trouble growing in their individual small planters they were placed in due to a lack of space.

In case you’re not already growing your own kale, do note that it is one of the easiest things to grow. In fact, when it has the space, it almost grows uncontrollably! I knew right away that they would be much happier in a roomer environment such as this new planter.


So if I were to give you some Urban Farming 101 advice, it would be to start small, and start simple. If this is your very first endeavour, go out and get yourself a great planter – as roomy as you can fit – and fill it with your favourite herbs which are easy to maintain, and perhaps even some kale! If you’re one for spice, hot pepper plants are another great small plant that’s easy to grow.

And if you’re not sure where to get plants and herbs to pot, just head to your nearest grocery store, home hardware, or nursery, and grab a pro to help you. Share what kind of space you have, and don’t forget to explain the light exposure the space receives – because that makes a big difference!


Enjoy and good luck!

Thank you Micro Pro Sienna!



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