Lately I seem to have accumulated hefty amounts of both bubbly and gin in my house; leftover perks (I assume) from the new house/birthday/move in/christmas/new year celebrations that I feel like I’m still recuperating from. Last week, while sifting through my now substantial collection, I thought to myself: What cocktail can I make with gin and bubbly? 


A little birdie named Google told me that I could make a French 75, which sounded pretty darn chic to me. Since Hendrick’s Gin had been kind enough to send over an amazing gift basket over the holiday season, and Two Oceans recently sent their new extra dry sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, I grabbed both bottles and got to work.


To make a French 75, you will need…

- 1 oz Gin

-0.5 oz Simple Syrup

(in this case I used Agave Nectar)

- o.5 oz lemon juice

- Brut champagne or dry sparkling wine

Extra tools: ice, shot glass, martini shaker and cocktail glass



Throw a few ice cubes in a martini shaker, add the gin, simple syrup and lemon juice before shaking well. Pour the mixture into your cocktail glass. Add a lemon zest garnish if you wish. You can even add a Grey Goose stir stick for no reason, as I did.


Top the mixture with your brut or sparkling wine of choice and enjoy! Wasn’t that easy?

Happy Cocktail Hour(s) to all!


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