OMG guys, BIG news. This week I watched four whole YouTube videos that some still haven’t even seen. THIS coming from the girl who is currently enthralled in a ‘hip’ show called Nip/Tuck from, well, ten years ago. Let’s just say when it comes to the TV and internet videos, I’m usually the last one to see anything. Even when it’s me on TV! Seriously, producers always have to email clips months later. I guess something changed this week because even I was telling stylish 20-nothings about some of these must-see fashion videos that changed EVERYTHING (this week, anyway) here they are:


Iggy  Azalea’s Fancy Take on Clueless 


Nothing could ever place the original, but Izzy and her team did a pretty damn good job replicating some of the most iconic scenes of the 90s teen cult favourite, Clueless. I can’t even imagine how awesome it would have been to work on wardrobe for this video! One question: Is the yellow plaid outfit up for grabs? I still want it.


Beyonce’s Gets Emoji’d

I’m sorry but Beyonce and Emoji? Together!? My mind nearly exploded when I first saw this amazing (unofficial) music video for “Drunk in Love” performed by emojis. All I have to say is… #surfbort


CHANEL’s Fall-Winter 2014/15 Show


Chanel AND grocery shopping? It’s like my two biggest passions finally combined! It’s almost better than… Beyonce in emojis! Now all I want for my birthday/Christmas is a Chanel grocery basket. Can you blame me?


Vogue : Who Really Makes Your Clothes


Now, I have to give my girl Glenda props for introducing me to this video, but, I’d say we’re even since I showed her the Beyonce Emoji video for the first time. Good trade, right? She is an artiste in the field of acting which may shed light on why her suggested video is one that is more sophisticated, and actually a beautiful short film. We both highly recommend you watch it!


And if you feel like reading something for a laugh, I might suggest this article on ‘Cosmo’s Most Batshit Insane Food-Related Sex Tips’ from Jezebel.


Hope you guys enjoy all of these as much as I do!


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