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When it comes to beauty, my regimen is simple; I take care of my skin and wear a small amount of makeup to enhance it, along with a classic red lip and a few swipes of a good black mascara. In general, I’ve always been attracted to the classics – items, people and looks that stand the test of time, and prove over and over to be a quality choice – and this sensibility influences my decisions spanning across my fashion, beauty and home purchases.

To many who have followed my style over the years, my appreciation for ‘the little black dress‘ will come as no surprise, especially considering how often I’m found wearing one. And yes, the search for the perfect one is endless, even though I did pick up a pretty fabulous new one from the Toronto designer, Bazzul, just the other day.

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Even my beauty routine can be compared to “the little black dress of makeup” with its classic look. Although it doesn’t involve vast amounts of makeup tips and tricks (it is probably one of the simplest of all) that doesn’t mean I shy away from quality products. In fact, my skincare and makeup splurges are probably what drain my bank account the fastest, coming in just behind my frequent trips to the health food store and organic grocery bills. But, to me, quality is important, and as I always say: If you care about what goes in to your body, why wouldn’t you care about what goes on your body?

By now you’ve probably got the sense that I like nice things, and choose to have the best that I can afford in every aspect of my life. And even though I may not be a makeup maven, one of my favourite things in life is owning top-quality makeup brushes, even if it’s just for a quick dusting of loose powder, swipe of bronzer or eyebrow fill. I mean, there’s truly nothing else that will make you feel like a makeup pro faster than whipping out a great set of brushes, am I right?

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This holiday season, I’ve been fortunate to give my makeup brush game a serious upgrade thanks to Tweezerman brushes that are now available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and In case you are not already familiar with the Tweezerman brand, it’s important to note that Tweezerman is recognized in the beauty industry for setting the highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and service with every beauty tool sold. Essentially, Tweezerman is the “little black dress of beauty tools“, and a fabulous addition to any vanity drawer.

Has the great gift idea lightbulb gone off above your head yet? Because Tweezerman brushes would most definitely delight anyone from the makeup maven, to the more timid makeup lover, such as myself. Even with a simple routine like my own, all of the Tweezerman brushes come in handy; the big and fluffy Powder Brush ($44.99) is perfect for all powder applications and creating an even finish (not to mention it feels amazing on your face), the Blush Brush ($28.99) helps me get that perfect pop of colour to create a natural-looking glow, while the new Finishing Contour Brush ($39.99) helps me get just the right amount of definition under my cheekbones with the right bronzer.

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Naturally, with a name like Tweezerman you can probably guess what product the brand is most best known for which is their tweezers of course! With my dark and thick eyebrows always being one of my main beauty statements, the Tweezerman Classic Slant Tweezer ($28.00) help keep things tidy, while the Brow Brush ($16.99) helps define and enhance when I’m getting party ready and going for a bolder look. Of course no amount of mascara would be as effective without a good eyelash curler which is where Tweezerman’s Classic Lash Curler ($10.50) comes in on a daily basis.

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At the end of the day, I like to ask: What would Cindy do? And in this case I think she’d be all over Tweezerman brushes too.

Have questions about this brand or any of these products? Leave a comment and let me know!



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