Now, I am a lady who loves to cook, and a lady who loves to cook for her man (friends also included here), but is there anything better than a man who loves to cook for a lady? I don’t really think so, am I right? Meet my friend Scott, who invited me over for dinner a couple of months ago and surprised me by making one of my favourite pasta dishes – the Carbonara with peas and pancetta! (note: he didn’t even know it is my favourite until I got there –  triple points). Let me be clear, Scott and I are JUST friends, so I am really going to pimp him out in this post because he is single and, ladies, you better get fighting over him before it is too late. I mean, first of all, those chillies he’s crushing in the first picture? Yeah, he grew those himself, and the wine bottle with the Yorkie on the label? Oh, just some wine he made and bottled himself that features his dog, Megatron. Hmm, swoon much?

After we finished dinner, and polished off a bottle of prosecco, red wine and nearly a bottle of vodka, we danced around his condo to the sounds of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj which we B-LARED through his speakers, much to the delight of his neighbours, I’m sure. Then we went out to a party and pretty much blacked out by the time we walked about a block. What a great night it was! (from what we can remember).

Since we had so much fun, I feel it is only fair to share this post with you in a way to help you re-create the night for yourselves. Here is Scott’s pasta recipe below (in his own words, straight from his very own WORK email! Yes, he has a really good 9-5 job! Hence why his recipe breakdown isn’t that detailed, he busy -WORKING!), along with practically step-by-step photos, and our music of choice. Now it’s like you were right there with us, enjoy!

RECIPE: Pasta by Scott

Pasta, something moderately long and somewhat twisted (Fresh is best whoadie!)





Spring peas

Truffle oil



Basically make a light cream sauce (béchamel), and slowly add in cheese

Crisp the pancetta

Cook the peas in sea salted water

Cook pasta (al dente)

Combine pasta, peas, pancetta and sauce (add a bit of the water from the peas as well),

add parmigiano

Add egg

Lightly drizzle of truffle oil

Tear mint to garnish.

=Good, easy shit (It’s true! Hi, it’s me Gracie again here)

Ps. follow Scott on Twitter and ask him out (or to cook for you) by clicking HERE xo

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