When I first moved to London, my goal was to work in fashion PR. To achieve this, I started interning for a boutique agency based in Soho called Hoopla PR, which later turned into a real job with them (yay intern success!). While there, I had the pleasure of working closely with their superstar client, Fannie Schiavoni, a London-via-Sweden based chain mail jewellery designer. From the above pictures alone, would you believe that Fannie makes each and every one of her pieces by hand? I used to wander over to her flat from the Hoopla studio to pick up samples on occasion, and would sometimes be greeted by a sleepy-eyed, bathrobe-clad Fannie who had been up all night finishing orders. She never ceased to make my draw drop down to the ground in disbelief that she had really done it all herself.

She is undoubtedly a gem in the London accessories world and a talent to keep on your radar. Currently Fannie Schiavoni is stocked at Browns Focus, Feathers and Barneys (to name a few) – only the best for Fannie! Check out the rest of her SS12 collection below and start dropping Valentine’s day gift hints if you know what’s good for you.

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Images via Jamool